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Re: Masjid al-Qiblatain (المسجد القبلت
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Monday, 28 September 2009, 11:54 am

The Qibla is not a physical direction but a change in thoughts and a direction that all the Muslim Ummah should be going towards, that is, implementing the Quran as a just social and econimic system. We should not see Qibla as a compass point but a practical ideology.

part of lughaat ul quran by Parwez:-

Alqiblah: the actual meaning of this word is direction : or trend: but generally it means the direction one faces in prayer or namaaz: * which direction is faced: which is kept in front: the direction which is meant or in mind:
In the Deen, the qiblah has a particular significance: every system, every republic, every government has a center: towards which all refer: it creates a unity of thought and homogeneity of deed among them: this is actually the symbol of that system which has to be kept in mind all the time: by keeping it in view or mind one expresses his fidelity to that system: the qiblah or centre for the system of God could be only one: about which God has said: inna awwala baitiw wuzi’a linnasi lallazi bibakkata mubarakaw wa hudyal lil aalimeen: 3:95 the kaabah which has been made the symbol of guidance for all mankind: the particularity of which is: mun dakhalahu kaana aamana: 3:96 he who enters it , enters peace : the importance of the qiblah can be judged from the fact that following the qiblah has been likened to the following of Deen: surah Baqar says: wala-in aataital lazeena ootul kitaaba bikulli ayatan ma tabi-u qiblatika wama anta bi taabi-in qiblatahum wama baazuhum bi taabi-in qiblatah baaz….: 2:145 even if you present them with all the ayats or reasoning you can, even then they will not follow your qiblah: and neither will you follow theirs: and neither will they follow each other’s qiblah: at another place it is said: walan tarza unkal yahudu walan nasaaa hatta tat tatabih millatahum: 2:120

*Taj and Muheet
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 1325

the Jews and the Christians will never be happy with you until you follow their way: this shows that qiblah is actually the symbol of religion or deen and following the qiblah means following the particular deen.
The momineen have been told that no matter which walk of life they belong to, in whichever part of the world, they must fix their direction towards their center (qiblah) : wa haisu ma kuntum fawallu wujuhakum: that is, keep your attention towards it : let your purpose in life be one, and this unity will form the basis of the unity of your millat (nation): the physical form of doing this is to face toward the qiblah in prayers: this is the truth which has been stressed must be followed: laisal birra un tuwallu wajuhakum qibalal mashriqi wal maghrib…..: 2:177 the path to elevation is not that you face east or west : if qibaal is considered as the plural of qiblah , then the ayat would mean that all the qiblahs in the east and the west, be they of whichever deen or nation, are in fact additional and not personal or in themselves: the things which symbolize a system are important so long as the systems are in place: when they are no longer present, the symbols also lose their significance: these symbols have been called sha-iril laah at another place: see heading shiin,ain, rah: but if the system is no longer present then the respect of the symbols became merely customary: this is the point that the Qur’an wants to make when it says that no matter where you are, keep your attention or direction towards your Deen: this will show as to where your fidelity lies: but this does not mean that turning towards the qiblah is an end in itself.
Then question is that when the system becomes invisible and people who are living individual lives but wish to establish a system, then what qiblah should be the center then? That is, where should collective life begin? The Qur’an has indicated to this fact too in the tale about the Bani Israeel where it is aid that We sent wahi towards ,Moosa
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 1326
that in these conditions : waj’alu buyutikum qiblataw wa aqeemus salaat: 10:87 make your homes the centre of salaat and begin the system of salaat from there: i.e. begin this system from your homes: gradually this system will encompass everybody and one qibla or centre will be established for everybody.
Baitul Maqaddas was the centre for the Jews: but the Jews confined the God’s Deen to their descendants only: therefore this centre also turned into their national centre: was no longer the centre for the mankind universally: not only the Jews, but no religion or nation had the concept of a universal bondage of humanity : conversely the Qur’an wanted to bring all mankind to one centre: thus it could not make any of the national centres the centre for all mankind: it could only make Kaabah the centre whose foundation was made to be laid by Hazrat Ibrahim for this very purpose: 2:127 this place was declared: masaabatan lin naasi wa aamanah: 2:125 that is, the sanctuary and center for all mankind: this was : sawa’a nil aakifu feehi wal baad:22:25 that is for the residents as well as for those who came from outside: it was made to benefit all mankind: 3:95 this was the purpose for which kaabah was made the centre of God’s Deen:
As far as the ummati muslimah is concerned, for fixing the qiblah the purpose has been said to be: wala zaalika ja’alnakum ummataw wasatan litakunu shuhada’a alan naasi wa yakunar rasulu alaikum shaheeda: 2:143 thus we have made you an international community so that you watch over the deeds of the nations of the world and the Prophet SAW becomes the watchman of your deeds: in this ayat, the purpose of the muslims ‘ purpose of life and modus operandi has been highlighted : kaabah has been made the centre so that the Deen becomes universal: and the duty of the followers of this Deen is to watch over the deeds of other nations of the world to see which nation does what for humanity: for this purpose a collective system is necessary: the center of this system is the Prophet SAW and after him, his real followers:

Page 1327
Until that system was in place, the purpose of the fixation of the qiblah was achieved: when it disappeared, neither did the status of the ummah (muslim nation) remained what it was nor the status of the qiblah as it was before.
To ingest soul into the “custom” of prayer and facing the qiblah the same system (the Qur’anic system )needs to be re-established: in the presence of the Qur’an ,the reinvigorating of that system is very easy: the Qur’an has perhaps been preserved so that the system always remains in this world and God forbid, if for some reason this system disappears, then it can be re-established with the help of the Qur’an: the world seems needy of a world order today: to establish a world order,a universal system is required: this system can be no other than the Islamic system: the day the world can understand this fact, a true new world order will be established: but what is first required is that the ummat which believes on the Qur’an establishes unity within itself and establishes such a system for itself : if there are different qiblahs for this ummah, or they remain divided into different sects ,then how can a universal qiblah be re-established?

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