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Re: Masjid al-Qiblatatain - Attn: Br.Jawaid
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Monday, 28 September 2009, 2:24 pm
In Response To: Re: Masjid al-Qiblatatain - Attn: Br.Jawaid (Shangrila)

You chose some good stuff from Pervez but ignored Qiblatain mosque AS Pervez DID.
1. Why does that mosque in Medina have two pulpit areas? I have seen that.
2. Have you seen it?
Built after the Prophet’s death. Original mosque was a simple affair, mud walls, palm leaves, not present today.

3. Have you read and do you believe the ridiculous story that Muslims used to pray facing Jerusalem for 15 years?
4. And that their direction of prayer was changed as the prophet (a.s.) received a revelation to turn to Mecca while leading prayers at Qiblatain?
Fully agree, ridiculous idea. The Quran nowhere mentions where they changed from, but we see Qibla as a physical direction and look to hadith for answers, not the Word of Allah.
2:142 Those of little understanding among people say, “What has turned them from their Qiblah which they (the Jews) were used to? Say, “Unto God belong East and West. He guides to the Straight Path whoever wills (to be guided).”
[Qiblah = Center of devotion = Symbol of uniform Ideology = Center for the unity of mankind. The Children of Israel have considered Jerusalem as their Center of devotion. But God is the Lord of all humanity. He makes no distinction between Jews and Gentiles. And now the Qur’an invites all mankind to become one community. His Final Message is not confined to a particular tribe, nation or group of people. Ka’bah erected by Abraham, the first ever House of monotheism, has now been appointed as the Qiblah for all humanity. 2:213, 3:96, 4:170, 6:91-92, 7:158, 10:19, 12:104, 21:107, 22:49, 34:28, 38:87, 57:25, 114:1]
2:143 Thus We have made you a Balanced Community that you might be witnesses to all mankind, and the Messenger a witness over yourselves. It is We Who have appointed the Direction that you have now adopted (O Messenger) in order to distinguish him who follows the Messenger, from him who turns about on his heels. In fact, it has been a momentous change except for those who follow God’s Guidance. For, it is never God’s purpose to let your faith go vain. Indeed, God is the eternal Source of Compassion and Mercy to all mankind.
[Ummah = Community = Specifically, the Community based on Divine Ideology. ‘Turns about on his heels’ = Goes back to his old ways = Succumbs to traditional beliefs. 2:142, 4:88, 29:25]
2:144 We have seen your eagerness (O Messenger), therefore, We now make you turn to the Qiblah that is dear to you (for its Sublime objective). Hence, keep your Purpose focused on the Masjid of Security, and all of you believers, wherever you are, keep your Purpose focused toward it. And indeed, those who have been given the Scripture before know that this (Revelation) is the Truth from their Lord. And God is not unaware of what they do.
[The verse is not commanding people to turn their faces, as usually misunderstood. See 2:177. Wajh = Face = Countenance = Whole being = Purpose. Qiblah = Direction = Center of devotion = Masjid of Security = Source of peace and security for all humanity = The Symbol of a uniform Ideology = Symbol of pure Monotheism = Source of the unity of mankind. 2:142, 2:213, 3:96, 4:170, 6:91-92, 7:158, 10:19, 12:104, 21:107, 22:49, 34:28, 38:87, 57:25, 114:1]
2:145 Even if you were to place all evidence (verses) together to the People of the Book, they will not follow your Qiblah, and neither may you follow their Qiblah, nor will they even follow each other’s Qiblah. If you followed their errant views after the knowledge has come to you, you will surely be among the wrongdoers.
[Qiblah = Direction = Focal Point = It is the tangible structure for unity of mankind. People honor the temples of their choice. They will recognize the Ka’bah as their own Qiblah when evolution of human civilization brings them to the right conclusion. 2:158, 3:97, 4:170, 6:84-91, 22:23-28]

5. That the prophet (a.s.) used to anxiously look to the skies to get a revelation like that?
6. Why would he look to the skies? Is God confined there?

Answer; All revelation given in one month of Ramadan;-
2:185 The month of Ramadhan has been chosen for this collective training since this is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed, a Guidance for mankind, clearly explaining the ‘why’ of every Rule. And it is the Criterion of right and wrong. Hence, whoever witnesses this month should participate in the program of Abstinence. But if any of you is sick or on a journey, let him practice Abstinence for the same number of days later. God desires for you ease, and He desires for you no hardship. The postponement is to enable you to complete the period. The objective of this training is to establish the supremacy of God (on earth) for, He has shown you a well-lighted road, and for you to show gratitude.
[The entire Qur’an was revealed upon the Prophet’s heart (‘down-loaded’) in Ramadhan of 610 CE in the order as we see today. Thereafter, it was conveyed to people in stages. The concepts therein are not defunct theories and empty hypotheses. It has a Permanent Universal Code of Values and Laws. The yearly training of Abstinence in this month connects the Message with intensive reflection and study. Note: The Qur’an does not forbid menstruating women from praying or participating in the program of Abstinence. However, a menstruating woman may be considered unwell. The only thing forbidden by the Qur’an during menstruation is intimate husband-wife relationship. Shukr does not mean just verbal thanks. It involves showing gratitude in practice by sharing the God-given bounties with others. 2:87-97, 2:185 2:222, 2:233, 7:189, 9:32-33, 14:1, 16:2, 17:85-86, 26:193, 31:14, 42:52, 44:1-4, 46:15, 70:4, 81:17-19, 97:1]
7. Doesn't the prophet's (a.s.) love of Mecca show his tribal and geographic affiliations?
Kaaba was chosen by Allah for mankind as a centre- a United Humanity (not nations) at the time of Abraham. Man then placed idols in it and the pure monotheism was restored by the Messenger of Allah. Not geographic, but geo-political, geo-DEEN.
Love was for the way of life given to him by Allah, not a place.
2:125 Remember, We appointed the House a means to achieve unity among all mankind, and thus, a source of peace and security. So, attain the stature of Abraham recalling his firm stand for closely following the Divine Commands. We did take a Covenant from Abraham and Ishmael, “Keep My House clean of all falsehood for those who rally around it and those who strive hard for the noble objective and those who submit in humility to the Divine Commands."
[Al-Bait = The House = Ka’bah = The Symbolic House of God in Makkah = The meeting point for all mankind = The Source of peace, security and unity for all humanity. 2:142-143, 3:96, 5:97, 14:35, 22:25. Musalla = The ways to obey God. Maqam-e-Ibrahim = The stature of Abraham = The stand he took. Taifa = Those who might be diverse in color and geography but united in Ideology. Taaif = Watchman = Custodian = One who stands guard. Taifeen = Caretakers of humanity = Guardians of human rights. ‘Akafa = To prevent schism and discord = Set things right. 'Aakifeen = Those who strive for a noble objective = Those who prevent divisions = Who set things right.

May God forgive me for any errors. PLEASE, PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS

To err is to be human, to blind oneself with traditions is to be inhuman.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep on thinking and asking questions. If I do not know, I know a man that does!

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