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Read! With the Name of your Lord who Created!

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Location: dallas, Texas

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 12:20 pm    Post subject: Read! With the Name of your Lord who Created! Reply with quote

Read! With the Name of your Lord who Created.
Created man from a zygote. Al-'Alaq 1,2 QXP Qur'an

I have always admired how your men stand in rank to pray. Even the fact that the lines are straightened demonstrates that small physical acts portray the cohesion which is seen among you. Should it not strike reverance in your own hearts as you see the millions who bow performing al-Hajj, row upon row? They bow, not like waves on the sea, but as a fortified wall. Not as the camel, which looks like the ships on the seas, but as men, stalwart in heart.

But now it is time to close the ranks around your children. I learned Al-'Alaq with a translation which read "the clot". Regardless, whether it is believed that the ensoulment of the fetus is at four months, or earlier, the fact remains that Allah continues to observe the beginnings of all created life which springs from the womb of the earth or that of woman.

Al-Fatihah begins addressing the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds. Allah is al-Maliku, your Sovereign Lord. But he is also Rahman, most Gracious. And He expects for us to be Rahim, most Merciful.

There are growing reports that the Taliban is recruiting under age children to be suicide bombers. I predicted this phenomenon to another scholar long before these events unfolded based on a basic understanding of error: Error, breeds more error. Uncorrected error, somewhat follows like two lines in geometry, where the one line is only off by an imperceptible degree at the beginning, becoming so much more obvious as the lines continue on their paths. It was an erroneous path, confirmed by the Sunnah of the Prophet. It is strictly forbidden. So we have witnessed the unfolding of bombings against enemies carried out by men, progressing to women suicide bombers, such as the woman in the Hashemite Kingdom who collaborated with her husband, and now extending to brother against brother, as seen in Pakistan in recent weeks. Sadly, the young now enter into error. But they are not of an age of rational thought and are snared by the unreasonable.

Just as the lines are straightened in the masajid around the world, so the family ranks must be closed against the Taliban, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, in and all who bring this deathly thought into your ranks. Those forbidding bi'dah are indeed Mubtadi'ah. They have brought an innovation into warfare which is not acceptable. Yes, innovation will always strike at a superior military force. But that innovation, must spare the children. Because when your children become an expendable commodity for whatever reason, your community nears collapse.

This closing of the ranks around your children must start with the patriarch. It must continue on to the masjid. Please get rid of any imam who supports suicide bombings. They are the enemy of your child. Their thoughts produce the literal spade in the hand with which you will bury your child. It must continue to be rooted out of madrassah curriculums wordwide. You must retake, regain your culture from those who have stripped you of your dignity with their own innovations.

I will post a blog later tonight speaking of the same topic, but in words more suited for a Western audience. Please feel free to read it at www.tammyswofford.blogspot.com

Al-Fatihah 6, 7

Tammy Swofford
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Joined: 21 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Tammy swofford Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu.

These are the consequences of those people who practice deception not only on others but also amongst themselves. The illiterate ones amongst them do not know what Allah has revealed and refer their questions about the Shari’at to their religious leaders. The latter frame the Laws of the Shari’at themselves but tell the former that these Laws are Divine. Thus they deceive others just to secure a paltry price for it, not realising that their fabrication of the Shari’at and their use of it as means of livelihood will bring about their ruin.

To whom they criticises too have also self-deceived, they say to themselves: “No matter what we do, we will not be held to account for it. At the most we will spend a short time in hell (till our intercessor (Jesus) secure our forgiveness from Allah)”. Ask them: “Have you obtained a promise from Allah to such effect? If you have, then what you say must come to pass because Allah never goes back on His promise. You have, however, no proof to substantiate this.”

And what is your stand on this presentation of Quran do you agree ?. Or you too like them I mean so called Taliban, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda,

Mariam or Mary was the other person who protected and saved her chastity from the licentious mob in the monastery, which was planning to bust her cherry and make her its sex slave as they did with other women. Besides that, she was the first woman in history who rebelled against the vicious and inhuman ritual of celibacy.
Humans are sexual beings and denying them sex means clogging up natural ducts provided by nature. This results in complete distortion of human personality. There had been constant violations of this aberrant restriction imposed upon the natural functioning of the human body and that was covertly prevalent in the time of Mariam. The synagogues were centers of all kinds of debauchery and the virgins were put on the auction block to be sold to the highest bidder for deflowering.

Mariam had full knowledge of the ‘pious’ acts being performed within the high walls of the religious centers of the time and decided not to be slaughtered on the alter of unbridled sex, like other girls. She made up her mind to rise up against this wickedness, which had been in vogue for the last three millennia and strike at the root cause of this exploitation carried out in the name of religion.
The real perpetrators of this depravity were the top-notch rabbis who were controlling the complete religious superstructure down to the individual places of worship. With the protection of the highest religious authorities, people at the lowest rung of the ladder were having a ball, as is happening in the modern Iran. They were enjoying all types of sexual perversity possible with the innocent girls serving and residing in the synagogues, including fornication, homosexuality and group sex.

She guarded her chastity in the fortress of Nikah. Because of such moral conduct of her, Allah says in the verse 21:91, ‘We made Mariam role model for the rest of the humanity, for safe-guarding her innocence.’

‘Mohammad, Rasoolullah declare in this Book the events of that distinguished and noble woman Mariam, who guarded her chastity within the promiscuous environment created by the iniquitous priesthood! She protected her virginity and honor from the ill effects of celibacy. In that licentious theocratic society, she did not allow any hand to touch her body, except her husband [she married a non-religious person out of the synagogue culture with the help of Our Messenger Zachariah] she married, according to Allah’s rule of Nikah or marriage condemning the self-imposed state of celibacy. After her wedlock, she became pregnant with [Jesus] like all other women do, giving birth to children. We equipped him [Jesus] with innate wisdom and instilled in him the sense of selectivity to accept or reject any concept, utilizing Our endowed faculty of reasoning. She testified to Allah’s rules and believed in His Books and was not a wicked woman, as the Jewish priesthood tried to project her, but was the first one in three thousand years to blow the whistle on the decadence and depravity of the Jewish religious hierarchy. Preserving and protecting her sexual energy from religious prostitution, she locked it up within the bond of wedlock, according to Allah’s matrimonial code. Persistently, she worked for her objective and finally achieved it, remaining obedient to Allah and His laws and We turned her into a role model for the women of the world for all eternity.’

The Qur’an states that Jesus was born after Mariam got married. However, the current Muslim Ummah believes that Jesus was born without a biological father [sperm donor], through a miracle of Allah. That means, Mary never had sexual intercourse with any male and the spirit of Jesus was transformed within her womb by Gabriel breath, which was actually the breath of Allah. That is why they call him Rooh-ul-lah, the spirit of Allah.

Christians, however, claim him to be the Son of God, who was conceived by the virgin Mary, through the breath of Gabriel. That is why they believe in the trinity of ‘the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.’ In other words, Jesus was Allah’s progeny.

The Qur’an further elucidates the wedlock of Mariam in the verse. [66:12]

‘Allah cites the example of Mariam, the daughter of Imran, as a paradigm for the entire humanity. She protected her virginity from the promiscuous environment created by the immoral and celibate priesthood. In that licentious society of theocracy, she did not allow any hand to spoil her virginity and married a non-religious person [out of the Synagogue, with the help of Our Messenger Zakraiah] according to Allah’s matrimonial code. She rebelled against the rabbi-imposed law of celibacy and conceived a child [Jesus] in the normal way, as happens all over the world [through the impregnation of the ovum by the sperm]. We equipped him [Jesus] with innate wisdom and instilled in him the sense of selectivity to accept or reject any concept, utilizing Our gift, the power of reasoning or intellect. She testified to Allah’s rules and believed in His Books and was not a wicked woman, as the Jewish priesthood tried to project her, but was the first young female in three thousand years to blow the whistle on the decadence and depravity of the Jewish religious hierarchy. Preserving and protecting her sexual energy from religious prostitution, she locked it up within the bond of wedlock, according to Allah’s law. Persistently, she worked for her objective and finally achieved it, remaining obedient to Allah and His laws, and We turned her into a role model for the women of the world for all eternity.’

The Qur’an used the word Hasan in the verses 21:19 and 66:12 in the form of Ahsanat-frjaha , which means Mariam locked her chastity in the fortress of wedlock.

The roots of the word Hasan are ha, sawd and noonح – ص-ن . It signifies something unapproachable, preserved and guarded, such as a fortress or a pearl protected within the soft interior of a hard and strong shell, resting at the seabed.

In the Qur’an, this word appears at various places in different Suras [chapters], giving the following meanings with reference to the context:

1-The married women, wedlock, chaste females and the ones who stay away from what is illegal. Additionally, it symbolizes a ‘marriage lock’ to guard a married woman’s chastity/honor [4:24-25, 5:5, 24:4 and 23]. In a wider sense, it points to the safety of the human body with armor, in the battles of medieval times [21:80]. This word is also used for storing wheat in a safe place [12:48], such as in a silo.

Consequently, the word Hasan primarily identifies a woman, protecting herself from indecency. It also qualifies the one who guards her virginity before marriage and remains chaste after wedlock, obeying Allah’s sexual code in both pre and post-marital states.

Mariam was married under the supervision of her mentor and with the permission of her sponsor Zachariah, strictly in accordance with Allah’s directions. [4:25]

‘Give hands of women in marriage, with the permission of their custodians or guardians, as it shall promote formation of a healthy and a virtuous family, harmonizing and strenghthening the social buildup.’

The verse 3:44 of the Qur’an presents a complete inside picture of that society. Mariam was dedicated to the temple, in the supervision of Zachariah, by her mother. Despite the fact that Zachariah was Mariam’s legal sponsor, religious administration of the synagogue created a serious dispute about her sponsorship.

‘Mariam’s trepidations were not groundless. Every rabbi wanted to take her in his own personal charge [perhaps to enjoy her virginal charm privately, without sharing it with anyone else]. This dispute got such a nasty turn and created so much squabbling that the matter of sponsorship was left to lady luck, in the form of a sweepstake.

‘O Mohammad! Rasoolullah Neither you were there, when the rabbi’s were fighting inside the temple for Mariam’s sponsorship, nor when the lottery was being played to decide that issue.’

When Mariam became of age, she was suffering from depression and psychological trauma, because of the shameful, immoral and depraved environment within the temple. Priests used to watch her with lustful eyes and every one of them wanted to take her in his charge. The status of a nun disturbed her a lot, because she very well knew what was in store for her.

As per the accepted norm, either a nun had to stay unmarried for life or she could marry someone from the Synagogue, meaning a rabbi. She wanted to get married, but not to a chip off the religious block, because she was sick and tired of their despicable behavior. She had witnessed so much wickedness and peccadillo within the walls of the temple that she felt suffocated and wanted to get out of there for a breath of fresh air. At that point, she made the greatest decision of her life, to marry someone outside of the priest community and lead a happy and normal life.

She was the first nun to go against the established supremacy and iron-clad hold of the religious elite in three thousand years. However, she went forward in the face of fierce opposition from the religionists, as well as the common people and did what she had made up her mind to accomplish. Mariam married an ordinary fellow, saving her chastity with the protection of her husband and enjoying a normal married life.

In the verse 66:12, the Qur’an has used the expression Fanafakhna-rooh-hunna . Its usual translation runs like this:

‘Through an angel, a spirit was breathed into her, or archangel Gabriel came to Mariam in to the form of a handsome young man and breathed into her, through the area of the collarbone just above the breast, resulting in pregnancy. The miraculous conception of Jesus in the virgin womb of Mariam was accomplished in this way.’

Following verses of the Quran will provide you evidence that no human being can born without His law of pairs
In the verse [32:7-9], the Qur’an expounds the real meanings of the term Fanafakna-rooh-hunna . There is no need to go for the explanation hammered out by the Islamic priesthood.

‘He is the one, who designed everything in this universe with perfection and established equilibrium between them. He initiated creation of life by mixing inanimate elements and their compounds, in precise amounts, within a wet environment [wet soil 37:11]. With the help of solar energy, life appeared on this planet from the wet soil, after progressing through different stages of evolution. Then Allah perfected various types of animals through the process of procreation, beginning with an extract of unpleasant water.

Afterwards, He fashioned the embryo in the womb according to His laws. Up until that stage, this mode of reproduction was limited only to the animal world. Then by a spontaneous change in the orderly evolutionary process, [mutation] human species appeared, as per Our program. Allah bestowed upon this creation a sense of selection [choice of acceptance or rejection] and independence of action. The greatest gift of Allah to this life form happens to be the inculcated faculty of reasoning and the power of analytical approach. In addition, Allah endowed each one of them with intelligence, perception, knowledge and the wealth of emotions, besides five wonderful human senses.’
In view of the above, Fanafakhna-rooh-hunna signifies that Allah endows every embryo with all human faculties during its growth in the womb that shapes its individual personality and turns it into a male or a female baby. After birth, a child grows and passes through various phases. It has the potential to refine and redefine its personality throughout its stay in this world utilizing its congenital capabilities.

The word Rooh does not denote human spirit or soul, which resides in the body like a separate entity during its living period and then leaves it upon its expiration. This is a foreign concept to Islam that crept into Muslim thinking from Judaic ‘wisdom,’ Christian ‘philosophy,’ Greek and Hindu mythologies.

The Qur’an has used this expression for the following particular situations:

1. Jesus was Rooh from Allah. This simply means that, like all other human beings, Allah conferred upon him individuality and a personality of his own. Later on, Allah appointed him as his Messenger and he used to receive Wahi or revelation, such as other apostles, through the Gabriel channel. Rooh also signifies a sign or a direction. [4:171, 15:29, 21:91, 32:7-9, 38:72 and 66:12.]

2. The command or revelation encoded upon the memory lobes of Allah’s Messengers falls under the definition of Rooh. The term Rooh appears as a substitute of wahi at many places in the Qur’an to strengthen human conviction in the revealed text. A few pertinent examples given below shall clear up any doubts. [17:85, 42:52, and 58:22]

The expression Rooh-ul-Qudus means powerful communication through the medium of Wahi or the mode of divine revelation. [2:87, 253 and 5:110]

The transcendental power identified as Gabriel or Rooh-ul-Ameen is Allah’s trustworthy communication source, or channel through which Allah passes on His messages or divine programs to the Messengers. [2:253; 2:87; 5:11; 16:102 and 26:193]

Rooh-ul-Ameen represents a forthright, straightforward, candid and flawless energy source. It is free from the whole spectrum of human shortcomings and represents something not to be scared of. Esthetically speaking, this force is pure and secure like the juicy and fleshy membranous divisions of an orange wrapped within its rind. For humanity, it ensures peace and prosperity. Up until now, the real nature of this energy pack, intangible force or indescribable power is beyond anyone’s comprehension, yet the magnificent messages it communicated in the form of the Qur’an gives definite understanding about its own magnanimous nature.

Ridiculous translations of the Qur’anic verses, giving unimaginable versions about the miraculous birth of Jesus without the contribution of the male baby-making juice and turning back the tide of time for the wife of Aziz to become a young damsel again, are the work of imbeciles and defy the very tenets of the last revelation. Changing an angel into a sexy teenager for the sole purpose of getting Mariam pregnant with Jesus and rejuvenating an old hag into a beautiful young woman for the sake of her marriage to Joseph are against the eternal and absolute principles of Allah.

Allah gives in a powerful rebuttal to such idiotic and unbelievable types of stories in the following verses:
In the verse [36:36] same reality has been described in different shades.

‘If your opponents think that what Allah says is not going to happen or they believe they can revolt against Our natural laws, rest assured, it shall never happen and Allah is totally above and beyond their perception and thoughts. Just imagine His natural law of creation; he shaped pairs of all species on earth, including even inanimate objects, and your own designing, in the form of opposite genders, is in accordance with His law of creation. Pairs also exist in other life forms [maybe extraterrestrial], which humans have yet to discover.’

Let me present another evidence from the Qur’an

O people, we created you from the same male and female.
It means for procreation existence of male and female is an immutable law of Allah.

In the below verses Allah promised that rest assured that We will not change Our laws.

A-Allah‘s laws are consistent and persistent. [10:64]

‘Allah’s commands are permanent and eternal.’
B-From the beginning of time, Allah’s rules remain inalienable. [30:30]

‘Allah created this sensible species [Homo sapiens] originally in accordance with His basic principle of creation, and positively Allah’s directives of creation remain constant.’

C-The bygone nations received the same commandments via Gabriel media force. [33:62]

‘Such had been the laws of Allah for them who passed away before you and none shall find any change in Allah’s commandments.’

D-Rest assured, there would be no modification ever in the given parameters! [35:43]

‘Even you shall not find any alterations in our commandments.’

E-Allah’s laws do not undergo any amendments. [48:23]

‘Such were Allah’s rules throughout the history of evolution and you shall not find any change or adjustments in these rules.’

F-These instructions are absolute and complete in all respects. [6:116].

‘Allah’s commandments to be followed by humankind, presented in this Book, embody truth, honesty, affection, perfection and justice. No one has the authority to alter these instructions, as these come from the One who keeps a complete record of your activities, because of His infinite knowledge and unlimited documentation power.’

Fee Amanillah.
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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Joined: 22 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Ali bin Ali Alharbi,
You write powerfully and beautifully with your expression of Qur'anic thought. Your tasfeer ul-Qur'an is quite eloquent. I will have to read what you wrote a minimum of three times to retain a small portion of it within my brain.

I remain in the following column regarding Isa: The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Isa was a messenger, we both agree. He was a prophet. We both agree. Our disagreement puts me in the column of shirk. I do have to wonder though, in times which I think of my own vibrant belief, and consider the vibrancy of Islamic belief regarding the 99 beautiful names of Allah. There remains one, which is unknown, does there not? Ninety-nine beautiful names and one unknown? Did Rasool Muhammad know that name? Do those with Mir in their title know his name, those whose own names reside on royal scrolls of lineage such as the scholar who mentored me? Or is this our portion, to understand that the incomparable vastness of God can never be completely fathomed in our own finite state? You glimpse the incomparable vastness of the Creator as noted by the flourish of your pen.

Regarding women and priests or clerics. The perceived rank afforded those in spiritual authority opens doors to abuse for those who lack integrity. The Catholic church has also suffered in this regard with a doctrine of celibacy for their priesthood. When I visited Guatemala, we viewed small uncovered graves of babies in the walls of a convent. The nuns impregnated by the local priest committed infanticide and buried their young. I do agree in totality that mankind was made to function in pairs, given creative drive and requires an outlet, Nikah, for a safety net of the community. Nikah also protects women, if the bedowner is not a drunken lout who enjoys beating his wife.

Thinking back to the preservation of children, the prophet Musa was hidden by his mother because she saw that he was a goodly child and she did not fear the edict of Faraon. His preservation allowed for the emancipation of his people decades later.

Rasool Muhammad. What would have been his state if after the death of his mother Ameena when he was a mere six years old his grandfather Abdul-Muttalib (Shaiba) had not taken managing conservatorship of him? And when Shaiba died, what would have become of the child, had Abu Talib not taken the small Muhammad under his watchful eye? Rasool Muhammad spent the majority of his life in an orphaned state. Although he did not see Abu Talib become a Muslim (Qur'an 28:56) his love for his uncle was shown in his expression of grief as expressed to the Sahabah in Saheeh Buhkari 1/548) So the sparing of his life, the fact that he was not left to starve outside the tents, gave him the opportunity to become an adult, marry Khadija and produce his own offspring. We know the rest of the story today, do we not? smile

A pattern of protection for the children during time of hardship and war was well-established as the nascent government of Allah flourished in the City of the Prophet, Madinah. Although I am not sure of the ages of the two young men who brought their swords to Rasool Muhammad at the time of death of Abu Jahl to let him examine the blades for blood, there is a presumption they had the strength for the battle. So they were undoubtedly at an age of maturity.

When Rasool Muhammad was asked by Abdul Haithman At-Taihan regarding breaking allegiance with the Jews and coming under the providence of the Ummah the response was: "Nay, it would never be; your blood will be my blood. In life and death I will be with you and you with me. I will fight with whom you fight and I will make peace with whom you make peace." Never, does he say "your blood and your children's blood". The shedding of blood in battle comes under the shadow of discussion between two adult men. War, and the front of the battle lines is distinctly the domain of men.

Strapping suicide belts onto adults is retrogressive enough, and defies Qur'anic belief. Doing the same to the young, shows that the corridors of the mind are very, very dark. And these dark corridors of thought, now travel at DSL internet speed. Guard your children. Please.

Al-Anbiya 47
Fussilat 34

Tammy Swofford
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Tammy Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa thaala wa Barkathuhu

The word Allah appears almost 2000 times in various Surah’s of the Qur’an, expressing myriad of His various attributes, quite forcefully. Besides mentioning Him by name, the Qur’an has also used a number of powerful adjectives to identify Him, as per the requirement of the text. Some of these are:

• The most perfect.
• The most steady
• The everlasting.
• The exquisiteness personified

Tibri has done grave injustice to Allah, by only mentioning His 99 attributes, along with the comments that there aren’t any more. He could have turned them into an even number by adding at least one, which he could easily find in Allah’s last revelation

The verses of the Qur’an presented above, portray quite a vivid perception of Allah, which the earthlings can easily understand, especially from the practical viewpoint. It is not necessary for the humans to find in great detail, what He looks like and how he works. Many mythical religions have created their own gods from stone and porcelain and it might be enough to satisfy the internal urge of their manufacturers. However, all their gods look like humans. It means they have created gods for themselves in their own image.

Here Nietzsche’s philosophy comes handy. He says, “ If you want to solve your earthly problems associated with God, then create one for yourself.” Perhaps, that sounds right to some people, but this seems to be a ridiculous suggestion. The problem is that imperfect human beings cannot produce a perfect god. Though it is right the other way.

Anyways, it does not seem appropriate to delve into the whole discussion about the creation of god. The people have already presented their views that have been commented upon in the first part of this dissertation

It would, however, be appreciated if both believers and non-believers be generous enough to give us the appropriate feed back, about the point of view that has been expressed here in the light of the Qur’anic verses and their accurate and rational translations. The current form of Islam or the Muslim society has no resemblance, whatsoever, with the government established on the basis of Al-Deen, which remained in practice for about 60/ 70 years, after the death of Mohammad Rasoolullah. The rest of the thirteen centuries had witnessed an antithesis of that period. The priesthood, which the Qur’an rejects vehemently, is established on a very firm footing, and at this moment not a single Muslim has the courage to reject it out right.

There is no shame to admit that the Iranian conspirators strangulated the real Islam during the Abbasid rule [extending over 500 years]. They systematically destroyed the excellent scripts and documents written by the proud Arab authors, during and after the time and life of the last Messenger of Allah, giving an in-depth account of the Al-Deen in real action. Not a single book of an Arab author is available anywhere in the world, published during three centuries after the demise of Mohammad Rasoolullah.

All that is left are the writings of the staunch enemies of Allah, Mohammad Rasoolullah and the Qur’an, originating from Iran, the land of Muzdaq and the Zoroastrians.

Last but not the least, birth of a person in a Muslim family does not make that individual an ipso facto follower of Al-Deen. Every one, when grown up, has a right to accept or reject the Qur’an, as one’s way of living in this world, after studying it thoroughly. Moreover, Allah does not like to have a vast swarm of Muslims just out of lineage. Unless every person does not accept it out of its own free will, and without any outside coercion [which Mullah hegemony exerts to its utmost], there is no point in calling oneself a Muslim.

And detailed response will follow regarding Asmaul Husna very soon.

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Ali bin Ali Alharbi,

You mention a name of Allah in the last revelation. I believe that would then be a Madani revelation, would it not? I am not sure even under which Manazil it would reside. Please direct me to the Surah and the ayah and I will forage for the rest. It will do my brain some good. Off hand, I cannot remember which Surah is the final one.

Regarding Al-Deen and 60-70 years is my presumption that you reference the Prophet and his Sahabah, those who succeeded them, and their students. This would be as-Salaf as-Saalih or the first three generations of Islam.

It is hard to believe that with the care which was taken by Zaid bin Thabit to codify the Qur'an, a process which took over two years, the care taken by Uthman to destroy all unauthorized Mushaf, that there remain no other writings from that era. Does not Istanbul retain a complete copy, an incomplete copy in the British Museum and the Manuscript of Hafsah survived in a library in Damascus until there was a fire? So it perplexes me that no other writings were in some manner preserved. Perhaps an archeological dig will produce something some day? So is much of what is believed also based on oral tradition, passed down through the generations?

V/R Tammy
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Tammy Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barkathu.

This presentation regarding Asmaul Husna.....


1- In the verse 42:11, the Qur’an declares, “Nothing is like Him, because He is the Creator of the highest and the lowest parts of this universe.

‘He created cosmos and your earth for the very first time. He created life from a unit-cell and then divided it in to male and female genders. It took billions of years of evolution, passing through innumerable gradual and spontaneous changes, to reach the current form of life on this planet. Life progressed slowly to human gestation period of nine months and it only happened, when reproduction changed from asexual to sexual. We created you in pairs and then provided you and other animals with the means [in the form of sperm and egg stored in male and female bodies, respectively] to multiply yourselves, whenever you want. This way you can independently increase or decrease human population on this planet. You can understand His personal attributes through these examples, but you can never ever comprehend, imagine, or, define anything even remotely resembling Allah, because He is different from what you perceive in the cosmos. Even the question of ‘how’ He is ‘different’ from all that exists, within the confines of the ever-expanding space-time continuum, is beyond human perception [because human mind and other faculties have severe limitations]. It is, therefore, illogical to find similarities between His and human attributes, though both may possess some far removed semblance in certain aspects. And after creation, he did not leave it on its own. On the contrary, He established a phenomenal system of watching and recording everything, including humans, to maintain check and balance, together with accountability.’

2- ‘Allah is the Supreme Being, having the absolute authority and infinite charisma. He presents the perfect model of His Asma-ul-Hussna [the epitome of exquisiteness and perfection] scattered all over the pages of the Qur’an, like scintillating pearls.’[20:8 and 59:24]

‘You will find sovereignty and domination of His commandments everywhere in the expanding universe and beyond [Allah being a proper noun, means no man-made rules or regulations]. Like the attributes of His name [which are most apposite, absolute and authentic] mentioned in the Qur’an, His sets of laws, through which, He keeps the cosmos up and running are perfect, precise and par-excellence. He is the Supreme Being in this cosmos and beyond, because His laws [physical, chemical and biological] are equally applicable everywhere. The entire universe is in the grip of his mighty and immutable commandments. His attributes are perfect and free of all conceivable blemishes or imperfections. He possesses the sole authority for our guidance through the Quranic laws and exclusive responsibility for our nourishment through the processes of Molecular Biology developed through evolution.’[20:8]

3- ‘Mohammad (Rasoolullah) explain it to them! Allah is the only supreme ruler; His laws are unique and are without any partnership.’

The Muslims of the current era do not believe in Allah, because the supposed Muslim majority states have the sovereign human systems established in the form of sham democracies, cruel dictatorships, tyrannical autocratic rulers and ignorant theocracies. Their belief in Allah is merely lip service and all of them, without any exceptions, are compulsive liars. In deed, they perfectly match the definition of Mushrekeen, presented by the Qur’an. [6:19]

4- Another definition of Allah:

‘He created the highest and the lowest parts of this cosmos, the very first time and creates everything from nothing; then how Allah could have a son, when He never had a wife? This is your Allah, the Nourisher, Who created whatever exists, within and without. You should follow only His laws and remember that He is the protector and is all knowing.’ [6:102-3]

Since the Muslims are not obeying His laws, they do not trust Allah’s laws revealed in the Qur’an

5- ‘No man-made law exists in this universe. Allah’s laws rule the cosmos through the continuing process of evolution. Every single entity in the entire cosmos receives nurturing through spontaneous and gradual changes, and these transformations are inter-linked.’ [2:163

6- ‘Allah’s laws are everlasting and eternal.’[(2:255]

7- ‘It is Allah, who shapes you up at the embryonic state, through the procreation process, in accordance with His law. He is very powerful, but His unrivalled authority has a blend of wisdom and logic. He is not a dictator.’ [3:6]

It, therefore, means that all despots ruling the Muslim majority countries are doing so against the wish of Allah.

8- ‘Allah has infinite knowledge (2:247) and He comprehends all what is happening in this universe, because of that faculty.’[20:98]

9- ‘Allah is the best planner for the protection [3:53] of His creation.’

10- ‘Allah’s laws of check and balance are quick and efficient in application, but every action takes a specific duration of time for its completion.’[2:202]

11- ‘Allah is the Sustainer of the entire universe and keeps absolute control over this sensational phenomenon, through His immutable laws.’[27:26]

12- ‘To trust in Allah means to establish a government on the basis of His constitution. [27:60]

Most of them have no idea what are they doing, because they are not using their faculties and knowledge to understand the message. [27:61]

Some may know the basic reality that Allah’s laws can solve their problems, but they don’t know how to go about it. [27:62]

Some people, who call themselves Muslim are, indeed, worst than non-Muslims and are straightforward Mushrakeen [because they prefer human legislation, as compared to Allah’s charter of freedom, rights and obligations].’ [27:63]

The modern Muslim clergy are clamoring for democracy, as a replacement for Allah’s constitution, which is a clear defiance of the word of Allah.

13- ‘To have trust in Allah, means to think impartially, utilizing human senses.’ [27:64]

Most of the people have blind faith in Allah. They are hopelessly naďve, and knowingly or otherwise, add their wishes and emotions to the divine social order. Sometimes, they associate partners with Allah, while practicing popular rituals and customs, coming down from the fore fathers. The Qur’an is of the opinion that this kind of behavior is nothing more than, monkey see, monkey do. Believing in Allah means thinking objectively, while using your convictions together with faculty of reasoning.’

14- ‘Allah’s laws are immutable. These principles are not only independent of space and time, but also fully control both of those building blocks of the universe. [28:70]

Time does not matter to Him. Its beginning and end are under His command. Every existing entity [except human beings] within this universe works according to His format, producing excellent results.’

15- ‘Allah’s laws are supreme and powerful; nothing evil can even touch them. They defeat and demolish the oppressor, in favor of the oppressed. Implementation of this code, in any society, shall root out social injustice, and economic corruption prevalent in there.’[38:70]

16- ‘Allah’s laws have domination all over, in this universe, and beyond. He knows what has appeared so for, and what has yet to come, through His evolutionary cycle, which is, at the moment, way beyond human perception.’[59:22]

17- ‘Allah is supreme, sovereign and owner of this universe. His natural working laws have unlimited application throughout the cosmos. He is totally at peace with Himself and maintains tranquility and security everywhere in the heavens, also keeping it away from evil and destructives forces. None else, but He is the Guardian, Watcher and the Controller of this cosmos. The domination belongs to Him only, as He is Al- Jabara [a powerful medium that sets things right; restores dilapidated objects to the original form; removes ill-health and misfortune. Additionally, it is a delicate technique used by the surgeons to realign the broken bones correctly, either with splints or plastering]. Thus Jabbar is an attribute of Allah that changes wrongs into rights and maintains perfect functioning of all forces and bodies within the expanse of space-time continuum. He is the most dignified, possessing infinite glory, but is totally beyond anything and everything, which humans may ascribe to Him for sharing His solo divinity.’[59:23]

18- ‘Allah is the Sustainer and Nourisher [maintains Sun’s energy supply] of all life forms, in the East, as well as in the West.’[73:9]

19- ‘Allah controls life and death through the process of evolution. He is your Nourisher, Sustainer, and yours earliest Ancestors.’[44:8]

20- ‘None of your actions in this world remain hidden from Allah.’[2:74, 85]

21- ‘Allah’s bounties are unlimited, and He selects the person for receiving revelation, whom He considers worthy of that responsibility. No one can ever receive any commandments from Allah, through meditation, worshiping, practicing some mystical calisthenics in caves, forests, or standing up in the shallow waters of rivers, on one leg.’ [2:105]

The Islamic and Sufi folklores carry a pertinent, but absolutely false story, how Mohammad used to retreat to a cave called Hira for worshiping or mediating, before His appointment to the exalted position of the last Messenger of Allah. And it was there that he received his first revelation. This cock and bull fabrication is against the very tenets of the Qur’an and is a conspiracy against Allah and His most magnificent last Messenger and the Book bestowed upon him.’


‘Allah definitely despises those, who upon getting hold of power, cause chaos and disorder in a society, by becoming selfish and keeping all sources of wealth for their personal use or squander them away recklessly upon worthless games and schemes. He also condemns the accumulation of resources [on national or international level] in a few hands, under the umbrella of ‘peaceful’ administrations [like, capitalism communism, socialism, and the current, co-called, Islamic regimes].’ [2:205]

2. ‘The people, who violate the divine laws and limits established by Allah during defensive wars against oppression and tyranny, are not his esteemed people.’[2:190]

But, as per Moudoodi’s edicts, the Muslim soldiers have every right to rape the female prisoners of war. Not only that, they can circulate them around, amongst their fellow soldiers for fun, frolic and variety. After having their full, they can sell them off to the people, who can pay the price.

3- ‘Allah condemns proud and arrogant human beings.’[4:36]

4- ‘Allah has no love lost for deceivers and criminals. They think that they are fleecing others, but, in fact, they are swindling no one else, except themselves.’[4:107]

5- ‘Allah does not appreciate indecent, and vulgar verbal expression. He also abhors pornographic materials and representations.’[4:148]

6- ‘Adhere to the laws of Allah prescribed for eatables [both solids and liquids] and must remain within the limits, avoiding profligacy. Allah hates extravagance.’[7:31]

7- ‘Allah has no affection for double-crossing snitches.’[8:58]

A vast majority of current Muslims are cheats [they recite the Qur’an for self-deception]. As Allah does not appreciate the likes of them, that is why, they are facing humiliation and degradation every step of the way, in this world.

8- ‘Allah vehemently despises those humans, who are arrogant, stubborn and bigheaded.’[28:76]

9- ‘Allah does not love Zaleemeen.’ [3:57]

The word Zulm defines the following situations and circumstances:

Darkness; or light not illuminating the correct spot.

· To dislocate any thing or a body from its proper and required place by unnecessary force, or exceeding the pertinent limits prescribed.

Anything being forcibly snatched away from another person or people.

· Subjecting people to unnecessary oppression, or tyranny.

. Maintaining opposing elements or living things together, like putting a wolf for guarding a herd of sheep, against wild animals.

· Killing a healthy camel, without any reason

· Getting something before its proper time, like taking raw fruit from a tree.

· Establishing a government on the basis of human legislation.

As per the last directive mentioned above, all Muslim governments in the world and the alleged Religious Scholars are Zalmeen

11- ‘Allah hates Kafreen [the people who conceal the truth].’ [3:32]

Almost all Muslims of the world are Kafreen, because they are bent upon disregarding the divine social order of the Qur’an, and adopting the man-made rules and regulations.


1- ‘They ask you about sexual intercourse with women during their menstruation cycle. Tell them to stay away from it, because during this period, women are not in their normal physical state! Once this period runs out, they can approach them in the manner suggested by Allah’s laws. If you did not practice this safeguard previously, do so from now on! Allah admires those, who take care of personal hygiene, get off the wrong path and follow the right one.’[2:222]

2- ‘Allah has great respect for Mohsineen.’

Mohsineen are the people, who avoid extremes in their daily lives and maintain a normal and well-balanced behavior, in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an. [2:195]

3- ‘Allah admires Muttaqeen very much.’

The following characteristics qualify Muttaqeen:

· The people, who apply the tenets of the Qur’an to their everyday lives.

· Those who reject the man-made laws in favor of the divine constitution.

· The ones who struggle hard for the establishment of the divine social order.

4- ‘Allah has great regard for the people, who put their trust in Allah’s code only, after practically testing and evaluating it in various situations.’[3:159]

5- ‘Allah is the best judge of all and the people, who award fair, just and impartial decisions, in the light of the Qur’anic set of laws, command great respect with Him.’[5:42]

6- ‘Saabreen are categorized as Allah’s esteemed people.’

Saabreen are defined as the people, who continuously struggle to achieve a given or selected objective. They continue struggling steadfastly, with patience and perseverance, to establish a just and evenhanded system of government on this planet. [3:146]

The alleged Muslim Scholars, usually translate Saabreen, in the sense of despair, or a state doom and gloom, which cannot, possibly, be fixed.

7- ‘Allah expresses love and affection for those, who possess purity of mind and body, care for maintaining that state, are free of sects and do not discriminate on the basis of color, creed, ethnic origin, race etc.’ [9:108]


1- ‘Allah is the One, Who created Homo sapiens for the very first time, and endowed this extraordinary species with special powers of hearing, watching, and mental capability to acquire knowledge of the cosmos for producing excellent results, through tremendous progress, in every field of life.’ [23:78]

2- ‘Mohammad(Rasoolullah), these believers intend to drag you into unnecessary, useless and time-consuming discussions. Teach them only the lively agenda of the Qur’an, pertaining to their role in the peaceful society. But they are not of sound mind, which can be proven by asking them one simple question, “Tell me, who owns this earth, with all its hidden treasures, if you got the knowledge?” They would admit, “It is all according to Allah’s rules and regulations.” Then ask them, “What is wrong with you? Why don’t you think about the constitution presented by the Qur’an, for establishing a just society, on this planet?’[23: 84, 85]

3- ‘Mohammad(Rasoolullah), in order to find out the real affliction of the believers, ask them another question, “Who is the sovereign, and whose laws are nourishing you and the evolutionary spiral, throughout the entire universe.” They would reply immediately, “Allah’s laws have complete control.” Quickly ask them again! “Then why are you hesitant with respect to establishing a system based upon Allah’s laws?” [23:86, 87]

4- ‘To identify the believer’s syndrome, ask them another simple question, “If His commandments have the sovereignty, and complete control upon the entire cosmos, then whose laws protect you, and provide refuge against the destructive forces of the human legislations?” They will right away reply, “Allah‘s laws.” Ask them, then why are you presenting, and following the phony system developed by the people [Islamic democracy, Islamic socialism, and Islamic autocracy] as the real truth.’[23:88-99]

5- ‘When you ask these believers, “Who has created this earth and other innumerable heavenly bodies, and who has put the moon and the sun to serve the humankind.” They would confirm, “Allah’s physical, chemical, and biological laws have complete control over the entire universe.” Mohammad, ask these blind believers again that after recognizing Allah’s immutable laws, why they turn away from their decision of establishing a government based upon the charter of the Qur’an?’[29:61]

6- ‘If you ask them, “Who creates downpour out of the clouds [through the gigantic water treatment system] to revitalize the dead land?” They will come out right away with the answer, ‘Allah!’ Adding further, they would say, “This land rejuvenating procedure is worthy of praise, because of the excellent results it produces.” And when you ask the believers again, “Why don’t you apply the same wholesome process to your society, in order to enliven the entire community?” They right away refuse to go that way, because their personal programs and vital interests get on a collision course with their rational consciousness and sense of reasoning, creating a status quo.’ [29:63]


1- ‘People have observed the cycle of life and death and they know that We produce life from death and vice versa. We revive the dead land [parched, non-productive] to support new plant life [providing the proper moisture and the nutrients]. Similarly, the lifeless nations can revive themselves by adopting and implementing, the reinvigorating, divine social order. If they refuse to do so, they would get fossilized right in this world.’ [30-19]

2- ‘The gradual evolution of the human species, out of the periodic table [in billions of years] is a sign, a mark, and a proof of the existence of Allah’s primordial laws. It provides a convincing evidence for the people, who envisage that marvelous moment in the geological history of the earth, when for the first time, spontaneous formation of the primary group of Homo sapiens occurred.’ [30:20]

3- ‘We create life from a single living cell, which splits into male and female genders. Naturally, it proves the existence of Allah, who created spouses for you from amongst yourselves, so that you may enjoy peace, pleasure, and contentment with each other. He also built a strong bond of love, affection, intimacy and compassion between husbands and wives, for developing their innate and inherent capabilities, to lead a happy and successful life on this planet. There are ample indications for proving the existence of Allah for those, who profoundly think about this single piece of evidence.’[30:21]

4- ‘The creation of countless stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc., and the existence of a large number of different languages and colors spread across the cosmos, have played an immensely important role in speeding up the process of evolution. This is an irrefutable evidence, to prove the existence and working of Allah’s laws. Spectroscopy, the study of inherent colors alone, has provided an excellent tool for learning about the composition of the stars, their distances, and the speedy inter-galactic recessions. This is another proof for the intellectuals about the excellent working of the laws of Allah. A myriad of colors and languages enhance the beauty and understanding around the world. All humans are respectable members of the global community and must not divide themselves into sects, factions or political parties and also should oppose discrimination based upon race, creed, color, ethnic origin and nationality. These are some of the realities based upon Allah’s code for those, who possess innate capabilities to explore and comprehend, what lies between the earth and the heavens.’[30:22]

5- ‘Plenty of evidence, proving Allah’s existence, are spread all around for the people, who have the capabilities and the desire to investigate, in the growth of crops and fruits, like olives, dates, palms, grapes and a large variety of others.’ [16:110]

6- ‘If you do self analysis, watch your sleeping habits, during the night or the day time, coupled with your working schedule in pursuit of His bounties, you would discover sufficient evidence proving the existence of Allah.’[30:23]

7- ‘The proof of His existence lies in the clouds, which harbor lightening, a source of fear, as well as of hope. We pour water from clouds, in the form of rain [to sustain life and confidence] to revive the lifeless land [a drought stricken land is virtually dead; nothing grows there]. This single event, carries sufficient testimony for His existence, especially, for those, who utilize their mental capabilities, while keeping their eyes open.’[30:24]

8- ‘Do the intellectuals ever seriously think about the Rizziq [see the note below], We have spread all over this beautiful planet. Allah has provided ample and abundant means of sustenance for the entire humanity, and has also provided measures for its distribution, for the maintenance of healthy life. Surely, it is a credible proof for those, who use their heads and trust the peaceful aspects of Our wholesome program that works through the distribution process.’[30:37]


The term Rizziq requires specific emphasis; that is why a special addendum, explaining its meanings in detail, follows below, which should be read in conjunction with the above verse:

This term carries a myriad of meanings, which are very important in their precise applications. For a starter, it may be anything beneficial or profitable for the people, individually and collectively. From the nourishment point of view, all resources associated with the production of crops, like land, rain, nutrients, minerals, sunlight, fertilizers, farm machinery, irrigation channels, etc, fall under this category.

Besides that, all communications forces, energy sources, including electricity and all others [yet to be discovered] are actively working for making the human life easy, profitable and pleasant. This word also connotes sustenance, for the development of healthy body, sound mind and superior intellect, to acquire human friendly knowledge in a peaceful environment. Additionally, Rizziq encompasses healthy foodstuff, coming from animal world like honey, milk, and meat, which humans do not manufacture directly.

9- ‘Don’t you watch Allah’s Law of Buoyancy in action, which facilitates gigantic ships to crisscross the oceans easily and on daily basis? This law is a wonderful blessing, and gift from Allah, providing sufficient proof of Allah’s presence for those, who persistently try to unravel the mysteries of the universe. They always discover new phenomena, whenever they look deep into the space, which is their reward for their consistent efforts.’ [31-31]

10- ‘Mohammad(Rasoolullah), try to instill in the minds of your adversaries, that there would be no reprieve from the established accountability system, they would definitely face in the next life, beginning at the end of their current existence in this world! Make them understand, unequivocally, that this declaration originates with Allah, Who created them for the very first time, through the evolutionary process! They must comprehend indubitably, that if He could evolve them out of nothing, the very first time, it would be no big deal for Him to recreate them in the hereafter. Why are they so much bewildered about the concept of their being alive in the hereafter, and what stops them from accepting this fundamental truth? In order to bring this point home, Allah wants them to review His process of procreation for their own reproduction. They should just think about it; how a male like them, ejaculates his sperm deep inside a female, and then through a series of highly complex processes, the most wonderful event unfolds; with life procreating life. The moment of conception, the formation of a fetus, and its development in a mother’s womb, till the moment of truth, in the form of baby’s delivery, do not follow any prescribed legislated procedures. I all happens in compliance with, Our Law of Procreation.’ [56-57-59]

11- ‘Do you ever objectively think about the crops you cultivate? In your opinion, are you the cause of their growth, or We are responsible for that. The Qur’an enunciates that a farmer sows the seeds in a properly prepared soil. Allah recognizes and respects the hard work of the cultivator, but simultaneously explains His contribution, throughout this process, beginning with the land up to the harvesting of the full-grown crop.’

The land, which farmers use for raising crops, belongs to Us.

The knowledge, capability and the skill a farmer possesses for this work has been imparted by Us.

Water; without which life cannot survive on earth, is completely Our creation and no one else’s.

The Sun, which is the only source of energy for the planet Earth, is moving in its orbit and serving all life forms, because of our command and control.

The Moon that provides the cool moonlight to you all during the night, after the hot day, and also imparts gorgeous colors to the fruits and crops, is our property too.

The seeds, which the farmers scatter in the soil, are also Our creation.

Allah states, “While, We do respect planters hard work and skill for preparing the soil, sowing the seeds and watering the fields at proper times, but We also have made worthwhile contribution in the form of six tangible items mentioned above.” Allah further adds, “Justice demands, he should take away his share of the produce, which should be more than enough for him till the harvesting of the next crop, and leave the rest as Our part. This should go to the administration established upon the divine constitution to be used, as and when the need arises. Have you ever thought about the possibility that if Our eternal laws do not protect your crops, even beyond the ripening stage, it could all turn into worthless hay. Then you would be mourning with grief uttering incoherently, “Surely, we have been ruined completely and suffered an enormous loss.” [56:62-63]

12- ‘Have you ever thought about the drinking water, which is the basic ingredient for the sustenance of life, in the entire universe? Do you pour it down out of the clouds or We do it [through Our continental water treatment system]? If We so desire, We can turn it salty, then how would you be able to grow bumper crops and keep the industries running that depend upon the agro products.’[56:68,69,70]

13- ‘Do you ever give a serious thought to the fire you ignite and burn? For a long time after your appearance on the Earth, through the evolutionary progression, you did not know that so much latent energy was locked in the trees for your use, as a fuel source [trees here symbolize all kinds of vegetation and foliage, that remained buried in the bowels of the earth for millions of years and turned into fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum]. If you carefully study Our universal system of nourishment, you would realize that though you work very hard to produce food and other stuff, yet all natural resources, which you utilize freely to achieve your objectives, are Our creation. It is, therefore, imperative for you to keep the portion necessary for your personal and family needs and turn over the rest to the established administration for utilizing that wealth, according to Our commandments. [56-71-73]

1- ‘Indeed, We created Homo sapiens and We know innermost thoughts of every member of this race. Figuratively, We are closer to each individual than even its own Jugular vein, meaning thereby, Our Physical, Chemical and Biological laws are intimately and actively involved with the physical functioning of every person.’ [50-16]

2- ‘A dying person is in complete control of Our rules, governing the phases of life and death, on this planet. You watch yourself finally slipping away towards the end of your time on earth, but you cannot do anything about it; you are simply helpless. It is just a one way passage, and that is why, the dead people never come back, but you don’t think about it seriously.’ [56-85

3- ‘He [means his immutable and eternal laws] is with you, wherever you are.’[57:4]

4- ‘Mohammad(Rasoolullah), have your adversaries, opposing this peaceful revolution, ever thought about the absolute reality that whatever exists in the universe has been created by Allah, utilizing His infinite knowledge and wisdom. He, therefore, knows the infinitesimal details of whatever exists in the highest and the lowest parts of this universe. His surveillance system is so perfect for the accountability purposes that as a figure of speech, if three persons are secretly discussing anything, then the fourth one present there is Allah, represented by His Laws. Similarly, with five, He is the sixth one. Allah further explains that the numerical examples are just metaphorical representations for making them understand the truth about the active presence of His laws everywhere. This means that wherever, His laws are in action, there He exists. In other words, the principle remains, “He is with you, wherever you are”[57:4].

The purpose of this presence by means of Our laws [based upon Our infinite knowledge] is to control the activities of every thing [animate or inanimate] and to bring forth the evidence of their past good or bad deeds and actions taken, at the time of accountability.’ [58:7]


1- ‘Allah is fully aware of the innermost thoughts of His creation.’[3:154]

2- ‘Everything in this cosmos belongs to Allah, so no one else has any right to claim any part of it, how insignificant it might be. It means that buying and selling land on this planet is a clear violation of the divine constitution presented by the Qur’an. In fact, it is the responsibility of the state to provide free housing to every individual, till his death. Allah is fully cognizant of the fact, how money lenders [modern day mortgage providers, financial corporations and insurance companies] drown the people in debt through buying and selling land, houses, and other residential and commercial properties.’ [3:180]

If only land distribution is carried out according to Allah‘s rules and regulations, sixty percent of the human problems like poverty, economic dependency, and bankruptcy would vanish from the face of the earth

4- ‘Implementation of the Qur’anic set of laws, exclusively, depends upon you. The one, who would take a stand for the establishment of a just, stable and progressive society, would enjoy a fair share out of it. However, one who opposes such an effort would face the respective consequences in the form of misery, humiliation and destruction. Allah is watching and witnessing, whatever you do to assess your efforts for the final judgment of your deeds.’[4:85

5- ‘The main objective of your struggle is to establish a peaceful and prosperous society, based upon the Qur’anic charter. If you receive uplifting support from any quarter, you must pay back, at least, in the same way, without going overboard. Surely, Allah keeps account of every event or happening and its resultant outcome. Undoubtedly, He is the record keeper, par excellence.’[4:96]

6- ‘Allah’s set of laws are in practical application throughout the universe and nothing is out of their sphere of influence. A similar system of rules and regulations [based upon the charter of the Qur’an] should be established by you upon this magnificent planet to ensure eternal peace.’[4:126

7- ‘Allah is the preeminent appreciator, benefactor and producer of plentiful recompense for those, who implement and live by His laws, on their own accord. He accomplishes all that, because of his limitless comprehension.’[4:147]

8- ‘Allah is the incomparable record keeper of your thoughts, deeds and actions. [It is so, because every human being carries a built-in memory and overwhelming consciousness, which keeps one in close contact with one’s past, till death.] He, utilizing His perfect understanding of the human nature, which He created in the first place, designed this elaborate system.’[4:148]

9- ‘Allah has established the Ka’bah, as an international center for presenting the divine social order to the entire humanity.’[5:97]

‘This house offers self-esteem, strength and independence to all vulnerable and destitute nations of the world.’ [22:23, 29]

10-‘Belief in Allah means, to establish a government, based upon the constitution presented by the Qur’an. However, the current Muslim administrations collectively represent a bunch of Kafreen, Zalmeen and Fasqeen as far as Allah is concerned, because they are implementing legislated charters, or royal decrees.’[5:44, 45, 47]

11- ‘Allah’s system of justice, based upon His eternal and immutable laws, possesses the power and authority to chase you down for admissible punishment, because of your repeatedly committed felonies and crimes.’ [5:95]

The run of the mill translations, which represent Allah as a revengeful fiend, commit a malicious and defaming act, against Him. This constitutes a definite attempt to construe twisted connotations from the straightforward verses of the Qur’an.

12- ‘Allah does not guide, or show the correct way to those, who pull away from the right path of their own free will. It applies to those also, who discard the truth, or cross the limits established by the divine law.’[9:24]

13- ‘Allah does not bless those with His guidance, who refuse to acknowledge the truth and hide the real facts of life.’[9:37]

14- ‘Allah’s commandments are just like bright lights illuminating the cosmos and by following these you can discover the truth and the absolute values governing the entire cosmos.’[24:35]

15- ‘Allah created all sorts of life forms from water. The common animals fall into the following three main categories.

. Crawl on their bellies.
· Walk on four legs.
· Walk on two legs.

Allah has created all living beings in accordance with His Law of Creation and for this purpose He perfected the required measures, parameters and standards, which are under His complete control. You can also discover basic rules governing life, if you run the required tests and conduct necessary experiments in your laboratories.’ [24:45]

16- Allah introduces Himself to Moses (Rasoolullah)in an exceptionally respectable and magnificent manner, through the Gabriel force, declaring, “O Moses! I am Allah, the Almighty, who is the fountainhead of all wisdom and knowledge.’[27:9]

17- Another extraordinary introduction goes like this, “O Moses(Rasoolullah)! Here I am [the epitome of love and affection], or here We are [all powerful] Allah, Sustenance Provider and Nourisher of all nations.’[28:30

18- ‘In the very beginning, Allah created life by combining together elements of the Periodic Table hidden in the slushy mud appearing alongside the waterways. Later on, He allowed this simple process to evolve an embryo [from a droplet of sperm] in order to mould you into mates, for reproduction.’[35:11]

19- Allah always fulfills His promises. The quotes from the Qur’an to prove this declaration are as follows:

‘The people, who are struggling for the establishment of a peaceful society and implementing reforms, in line with the Qur’anic constitution, must remain assured that We shall transform that community from the regressive state into a progressive and dynamic one, where every person would enjoy peace, prosperity and security. They and their generations would successfully dwell in that environment forever [with the proviso that they keep checks and balances on its direction, and keep it safe from the intrusion of human legislation]. It’s Allah’s covenant, which always withstands the test of time. Whose word can be the truest, as compared to Allah’s?’ [4:122]

‘Allah’s laws have total supremacy in the entire universe and this statement is based upon absolute reality and unquestionable facts. But most people do not utilize Allah given gift of rationality and other mental faculties to discover the real truth.’[10:55]

‘Allah’s laws, running the entire universe, are absolute. This is Allah’s promise and He never goes back on it, but most people do not utilize their inherent senses and full potential of the faculty of reasoning, to check out the truth of such guarantees.’[30:6]

20- ‘With regards to the matrimonial bond, you must stay within Our prescribed limits for a happy and prospers family life. Remember, Our laws are watching your activities at all times.’[33:52]

21- ‘Allah is the one, Who rendered the Earth habitable for you and made the sky a canopy over it, as a result of evolution going on for billions of years. He gave you the perfect physique from both esthetic viewpoint and practical requisites. As your Nourisher, He has provided you with a large variety of high-quality, but ample means of sustenance. The food is delectable, delicious, with a taste that one loves to savor, and fine aroma comes as an added bonus. Such is your Allah, the Nourisher and the Nurturer. His laws are eternal and immutable. The sources of foodstuff are not limited to any one nation, because He is the Provider for all nations.’[40:64]

22- ‘Allah is the creator of all matter, celestial bodies, and life forms that exist within the cosmos. He knows, in what manner and which way the things are changing. He maintains full control over every object and each event, through His Divine management, and administration.’[39:62]

23- ‘No one, but Allah reveals the Qur’an with real and tangible facts, to present an independent and sovereign constitution. The code of the Qur’an can be considered akin to a scale that exactly determines your decent and indecent activities. Implementation of these excellent laws would establish an objective government, wherein, every activity would be monitored by these laws.’[42:17]

24- ‘Allah’s commandments instill courage, determination, and will to fight, within the minds of Mohammad’s outnumbered companions, who are striving steadfastly for the establishment of a peaceful society. To translate their efforts into a resounding victory, Allah helps them through positive natural forces, which are active within the universe at all levels, and can influence the human efforts for a worthwhile cause, imperceptibly. This strategy originates with Allah, Whose cumulative knowledge and wisdom is way beyond human perception.’[48:4]

25- ‘Every human being has a built-in record keeping system for all its [good or bad] activities. Allah has perfected this arrangement for the purpose of accountability. On that occasion, He shall remind every one of even those insignificant actions, which had slipped out of one’s mind and Allah shall be a witness to those proceedings, ensuring accuracy down to miniscule details.’[58:6]

26- ‘There is no guidance for Fasqeen, Zalmeen and Kafreen in Allah’s commandments.’ [61:5, 7 and 8]

27- ‘There is no sovereign, in this universe, except Allah and His code or constitution presented by the Qur’an uplifts and differentiates humans from the animal stratum.’[95:8]

28- ‘Allah’s laws protect and support Sabreen, who besides being generous, exhibited the following qualities during the on going struggle for the establishment of the divine social order.’[2:153]

Persevered, and remained steadfast during the time of extraordinary upheaval and turmoil.

Kept on struggling constantly, till the achievement of the objective.

Always respected the limits prescribed by the Qur’an.
Followed the divine charter intelligently, and without blind faith.

29- ‘Allah’s accountability system is very just and makes sure that every one is judged fairly, without any disparity and speaking metaphorically, even a micro bit of injustice is not done to any one.’[4:40]

30- ‘If you get life-giving help from any one, you must pay it back in an equivalent manner, if not over and above, what you received! Surely, Allah maintains detailed account of all that happens, because He is incomparable in this area of expertise.’[4:86]

31- ‘The Sunnah of Allah or His code* describes this reality in unambiguous terms, that Allah does not initiate alteration in any one’s situation or circumstances, unless one does not take initiative to revolutionize one’s own life-force. Allah has the best system in place, because of his infinite knowledge, to monitor, whether the basic thinking of an individual or a nation has registered any change or not. [8:53]

*[Sunnah of Mohammad or Sunnat-e-Rasool is a misnomer as per the terminology of the Qur’an. Islamic priesthood coined these un-Islamic terms to misguide the Arabic illiterate Muslims.]

32-‘Allah knows every secret plan the domineering powers hatch out against the weak and the oppressed nations. He is fully cognizant of the hidden maneuvers being made to rip off the have-nots.’[9:78]

33-‘Allah’s laws, fully operative in a social setup, not only eliminate ill effects of the destructive forces that create hurdles in the evolution of adequate nourishment program, but also strengthen requisite resources required for its promotion. The Qur’an does not endorse the concept of mercy, forgiveness, or salvation, which constitute the basic pillars of the Christian faith.’[22:65]

34-‘The laws of Allah openly declare, that consequences of every action would definitely materialize, after the lapse of a specific period of time, and only Allah knows the exact duration of that time slot. For instance, the downpour does not start just out of the blue; it takes certain amount of time for building up to that effect. Similarly, Allah knows the stages, through which a fetus passes to take the shape of a baby, in a mother’s womb. Certainly, you can also develop ways and means in the fields of Meteorology and Embryology to do exactly that. However, there are two events about which no one has any knowledge, except Allah; firstly, what the future has in store for you, or even what is going to happen the very next day, and secondly, when and where a person is going to breathe his last. Surely, Allah possesses the complete knowledge of what is going to happen and what future holds for you. [31:34]

He also knows, when Mohammad (Rasoolullah) and his companions are going to be successful in their efforts to revolutionize the existing society into a real peaceful one. The process of death is a built-in blessing; otherwise billions upon trillions of people suffering from incurable diseases would have made this planet sick to the core. Similarly, every one having no clue about the day and time of one’s death, together with total ignorance about, what is going to unfold the very next day, are wonderful gifts. How miserable the people would have felt, if every one had known exactly, when the end would be coming. It would have been like counting one’s days to the grave. Likewise, if the people would have known, what is going to happen every day of their life on earth, they would simply had gone out of their minds, either with grief or happiness.’

35- ‘Allah keeps on adding to His creation according to His, on going, evolutionary program, as He is the architect of all that exists within the universe. He is worthy of all admiration because He created the entire universe just out of void, and has all sorts of forces at His command to complete His divine plan. These communicative mediums and other naturally occurring energy packs are multi-functional. They watch, guide and control the evolutionary stages the whole cosmos is passing through, in accordance with Allah’s predestined plan of action. Since the creation of all that exists, He does not have an idle moment, as He continues to add new objects and dimensions to what already exists, in line with His predetermined plan. He has devised procedures, limitations and corridors of action for every mini and mega entity and has absolute control over animate and inanimate beings and bodies.’

36-‘If a nation, after implementing the divine social order, deviates from the given line of action, or breaks away from the center of the movement [just like the existing Muslim Ummah], then according to Allah’s laws, punishment in the form of internal disruption, social disintegration and humiliation within the comity of nations, becomes its destiny.’ [2:61]

37- ‘The best type of administration, as per the commandments of Allah, is Al- Islam . The divine social order or Al-Islam, when implemented in a given community, produces the following positive changes.’[3:19]

Strengthens the society morally, economically and politically.

Unity among the people improves internal safety and security, which in turn puts an end to threats of outside aggression.

Improves respect of such a nation among all others.

Every one gets an equal opportunity to move forward and change one’s life for the better, with sky being the limit.

Changes a permissive society, suffering from moral degradation, into a bastion of decency.

The men and women belonging to such a happy and care free social setup look equally handsome and beautiful.

The people practicing Allah’s Al-Islam are the real Muslimeen and Muslamoon

38- ‘Jesus had a natural and normal birth like all other human beings. Life began with the interaction of inanimate elements, and then passing through innumerable evolutionary stages, resulted into the formation of the human beings. This truth originates with Allah and there is no room for doubt or skepticism in this matter. He created the cosmos and possesses unlimited power; He, therefore, does not require a son to lend Him a helping hand in the operation and maintenance of His ongoing evolutionary progression.’ [3:59]

39- ‘Only, Allah’s laws govern this universe and because of His Universal laws, every body and being are busy in the fulfillment of their predestined goals [except the human beings].’[3:109]

40- ‘A nation, which establishes a government, in accordance with the constitution provided by Allah in the Qur’an, and generates exceptional improvements in all walks of life, lives happily ever after. Such a society enjoys the bliss of a paradise on earth, which has no fear [of outside aggression], and no worry [due to internal instability, leading to civil unrest].’ [5:69]

The Muslim priesthood, however, follows a policy diametrically opposite to the above verse [5:69]. They regularly and continuously terrorize the simpleminded, straightforward, but Arabic illiterate Muslims in their every day sermons, with the unnecessary horror of Allah, dread of hell, torture of grave, fright of doomsday, worry of death, and so many others. They have snatched away the liberty of freethinking from their people, destroying their inherent potentials and capabilities, which has stymied their intellectual development, together with messing up the chances of steady progress, in all fields of human activity, over the last millennium.’

41- ‘Justice must be available to every one immediately, and free of cost. The international disputes should be settled according to Allah’s Book. Allah’s laws provide the best criteria, to differentiate between the truth and the falsehood.’[6:57]

42- ‘As per Allah’s decision, His worst creation are the people, who do not utilize their innate faculties of hearing, vision, speech, and on top of that simply refuse to understand the stark reality.’[8:22, 7:179, 2:18, 8:55]

43- ‘Allah does not change His laws, so these remain immutable.’[10:64]

44- ‘Same laws of Allah were bestowed upon those, who lived and passed away before your time, and you shall never find any change in Allah’s code.’ [33:62]

45- Allah reassures again, ‘Even you shall not come across any amendments appearing in our laws.’ [35:43]

46- ‘The best and the most honorable, or the noblest amongst you, as per the evaluation of Allah, is the one,’[49:13]

Who never ever opposes Allah’s code?

Who spends his entire life, following the teachings of the Qur’an?

Who constantly struggles to establish a government in line with the divine social order?

‘Certainly, Allah has complete knowledge of your activities, due to His elaborate system of record keeping. The built-in system installed in your consciousness, keeps a tab on your thoughts and the activities you do, as a result of your mental preparation and planning. This all has been arranged for the accountability purpose for each one of you.’

47- ‘All treasures preserved on the Earth and innumerable others planets, throughout the entire cosmos, belong to Allah. [63:7]

We are responsible to keep these means of nourishment available for all kinds of life forms, wherever they exist, within the space-time continuum. [2:29]

48- ‘Allah’s evolutionary progression [which is continuously on the move throughout the cosmos], always has a very humble start. Infinitesimally small entities at the very beginning, take up distinct and discernable shapes and forms. This is true both in the animate and inanimate worlds. [70:3].

A particular stage of the evolution cycle, may be spread over millions of years.’[70:4; 32:5; 35:10; 78:38; 97:4]

49- In the verse, 6:103, the Qur’an says, He is beyond your perception or no vision can grasp Him

‘Human vision, perception, deliberation and even wildest imagination cannot develop any concept of Him, but He has a handle on everything [right from the quarks and gluons to billions of galactic formations, within the ever expanding space-time continuum or from simple microbes to most complex life forms, including human beings]. His [physical, chemical and biological] laws encompass and control the entire universe in such a way, that your sensory prowess fails you to take cognizance of multitudinous events taking place simultaneously. Through His perfect natural laws, He has access to every human thought, imagination and comprehension and is the only one, who possesses complete information about, what goes on, in this cosmos, every moment.’

Any spiritual eye, a saint or even a Messenger cannot perceive him. The common belief among the Muslims that Mohammad (Rasoolullah)had meet Allah at the occasion of Mairaj, is absolutely baseless, and is not even upheld by the Qur’an.

The above verse carries the term La-Tudrekoo , meaning a notch at the end of a scale, the bottom most rung of a ladder or metaphorically speaking the lowest level of human degradation.

This word La-Tudrekoo is an antonym of Darja ,and identifies individual steps of a stair, moving along which, one ascends to the highest point of a built-up structure. It also signifies acme of human dignity. The human desire to watch Allah in a physical form or shape is, in fact, a denial of its very creation.

There is a dimensional argument that proves the inability of humans to have a look at Allah in its totality. It is a well-established mathematical conviction that a one-dimensional being cannot have any concept of a two-dimensional entity. Similarly, a two-dimensional life form can never visualize the real appearance of a three-dimensional creature. Now humans are four-dimensional in nature; three dimensions being length, width, height and the fourth is the time, which is perpendicular to the other three. Now that is a paradox, which is of no concern in this discussion.

But, here one thing is certain; Allah cannot be three or four-dimensional, because in that case He would be limited like us. Because He is unlimited, then He has to be either multi-dimensional or zero-dimensional like pure energy. But in the later case, He would not have any concept of us, according to the Law of Dimensions given above. Whatever may be the case, the reality comes out clear and loud; the humans can never see Him in His entirety

All Islamic scholars and translators except few have written that according to the verse 7:143, Mosses requested Allah that he wanted to have a look upon Him, with his own eyes. It is illogical to say a thing of the sort, because such a magnificent Messenger of Allah could never make such an obtuse wish.

The correct translation of this verse is as follows:

‘Mosses (Rasoolullah) arrived at the designated place for receiving commandments from His Nourisher, for the sustenance of his nation. He was very much scared of the cruel and powerful hold of the Pharaoh, over the entire country. He was further perturbed by the overall cantankerous behavior of his oppressed people. He did not know how to rejuvenate his almost lifeless nation that has become fatalistic and has adopted a defeatist attitude, because of the oppression and slavery going on for millennia. He called out loud, “O’ my Nourisher! Show me the way, how can I make my nation to implement Your social divine order, in their society? It is an awfully difficult assignment and it seems next to impossible for me to accomplish anything positive.” Allah replied, “You shall not see me [meaning, you will not watch this revolution get off the ground], if well established and powerful leaders, who are like lofty immovable mountains, keep the path of your movement blocked. When Moses realized that his Nourisher has assigned him a task of great importance and responsibility of demolishing the mighty empire of the Pharaoh, together with giving him appropriate instructions, to cut down influential leaders like Hamaan, the highest priest of the empire, Koro, the keeper of the royal treasure and other high ranking members of the royal family, to size, he began to think about the plan of action very carefully. During that intense thought process, he forgot all about his surroundings, but in his mind he felt bursts of intense light exploding and thunder echoing loudly. He sat there in a state of trance, completely motionless, and silent for quite a while. Reverting to the real world, Moses felt fully satisfied with his thought out modus operandi against the tyrannical rule of Pharaoh, to make his revolution a brilliant success. He exclaimed with jubilation, “Your laws are perfect and I am returning to your peaceful program. I shall be the first person amongst my companions, taking initiative for the establishment of a peaceful society. Undoubtedly, they are also working very hard for the same objective.”

In the verse 2:260, the Qur’an states, that Abraham faced the same kind of hopeless situation pertaining to his nation, and he also called Him out loud, “O’ my Nourisher! Show me the way, how can I rejuvenate my lifeless nation?”

In view of the above, it is really dumb to even think for a moment, that revolutionary Moses, who very well knew the attributes of Allah, could make such a foolish demand of perceiving ‘Him in person.’ There are so many forces in the universe like, x-rays, sound waves, electricity, magnetic field, viruses, etc., which we cannot even detect with most powerful microscopes and gadgetry, but it does not mean that they do not exist. They do so and very much affect our lives.

50- ‘Certainly, mosques are built to house the administrative staff of the Islamic state for meeting day to day challenges, head on. It also acts as an assembly hall for the government officials, and the community leaders to come together, for finding solutions to any problems impeding the smooth operation of the divine social order. In the houses of Allah, the sovereignty of His rules and regulations reigns supreme. In view of that fact, nothing else carries any significance at all.’ * [72:18]

* The concept of sectarian mosques like Shi’ah, Sunni and of other denominations are totally against the tenets of the Qur’an. These are offices of an Islamic government, housing various functionaries, to work at the grass root level for the state. It is ridiculous to hold any elections in such premises, for electing some kind of a governing body to run its affairs. Under such circumstances, the mosque loses its status as the house of Allah and is reduced to the category of any other common abode. The current functions like holding five daily prayers, calling people for that purpose, or arranging other ‘religious’ functions in the form of Darood-o-Salam have nothing to do with the principles of the Qur’an. All these fallacious and deceptive practices were introduced by the Islamic priesthood of Iran, to destroy the Al-Deen established by Mohammad, and his steadfast companions in the Arabian Peninsula.

And what a pity is it, that Karen Armstrong, the author of the book, entitled, ‘A history of God,’ [1993], a previous Christian nun [believer] now turned atheist [non-believer] was searching for God in Judaism, Christianity, sectarian Islam and other ten thousands religions of the world! This shows the extent of her misunderstanding and the lack of knowledge about the subject matter that she was trying to explore. How strange is it that she never tried to look into the verses of the Qu’ran, for the elusive concept!

And for your last post i will post response very soon.

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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Respected Ali bin Ali AlHarbi,

I have read as far as the section "Allahs' Existence vs. Intellectuals". That portion and my thoughts in response will be for another time.

First of all, I consider democracy incompatible with Islam. Our Western cocoon of thought is ill-suited for what is expressed in al-Qur'an, and the Islamic way of life. I maintain that many Islamic extremists have painted the veneer of democracy over their own goals to achieve political gain. Form, does not equal substance. I also am within a stream of thought which supports increased cultural intelligence for our diplomatic corps. It is interesting that our presidential hopeful Barack Obama stated that he supports talking with leaders of rogue nations. (Here in Dallas on Monday) Presidential candidate Mitt Romney somewhat expresses the same line of thought in his article in the current Foreign Affairs magazine. I have not read the article by Mr. Obama in the same issue. It is "in the stack". But herein lies the problem: talk can be dangerous if both parties are not using the same language! I speak not of both parties knowing Arabic or Urdu, etc. But both parties speaking based on a basic understanding of the culture, government and oral traditions of the man across the table. I find your own scholars more knowlegable regarding the traditions of the West. Karen Hughes dashing off to Jeddah to tell women that democracy will allow them into the driver's seat of the car is a glaring look into the brain of someone who "doesn't know what she doesn't know". That one, was painful for this military officer. smile Understand that I fully support negotiation as opposed to obstructionism as a means of attaining goals. That being said, Arabic also does not have a word which means compromise, does it? So the obstructionism works both ways.

I support democracy as the best form of government for my life and progeny. It has worked well for us and our ancestors. I support bringing stability to Muslim-majority nations. I do not believe that democracy is the only sure means of bringing stability, but I do believe that democracy is one of the least oppressive means of government which has been seen in the history of the world.

You speak of the need for the Constitution of Allah. The Constitution, dear Saabreen, only works when the constituency falls under the guidance of Allah's commands, as you express them. So as a guest in your home, I cannot offend the cooks. But some of your constituency is giving the rest of us in the world a bit of indigestion. In 7:31 you bring discourse regarding not eating what is Haram. In reading Sheikh al-Qaradawi he gives commentary that in time of lack or famine, eating what is Haram can be done to maintain life, as long as it is not excessive and enjoyed. But it appears the Ummah is consuming what is Haram in great quantities in the form of their spiritual food and not only that, but they enjoy their folly.

Regarding the Creator bringing independence to increase our decrease the population by natural means I also agree. But the Creator indeed decreases the population in a moment's time as seen in the tsunami a few years back, the earthquake in Pakistan, etc. So he is not a Deity who winds the clock and removes himself from the affairs of men, somewhat like the belief of Benjamin Franklin. His very creative nature remains actively involved with His Creation on levels which our finite minds find incomprehensible.

Regarding al-Baqarah 222, the forbiddence of marital comfort during the menstruation cycle allows for the woman to have a bit of pelvic rest. Of course I support that! I know your belief also commands ghusl at the end of the cycle.

On a final note you mention Allah being a proper noun, meaning there are no man-made rules or regulations. In the Biblical account of Moses, when he was sent to approach the Pharoah he asked a simple question: Whom should I say it is that sends me. God Almighty answered, Tell them that "I Am" has sent thee. If you look at the grammar, I is the subject and am is the linking verb. So "I Am" what? God is just "I Am". He exists in fullness and completeness, by Himself and there in none other like unto Him. But when we begin to add our humanity to his deity, that is where we all get in trouble. He is not made in our image. But it does say we were created in His image and likeness.

For you to have the just rule of Allah which you desire the masajid must standardize their core beliefs. Both Shia and Sunni sustain common beliefs. In the Navy our corps beliefs are honor, courage and commitment. Under each of these headings, is further guidance as to what each concept means. Gather your scholars from around the world. Come together and fall under one banner with regard to core beliefs. Propagate them into your influential masajid first to set the pace. Let al-Furqan be wise. Because wisdom can be grasped by the simple and uneducated. What is decided must be universal truth which can be grasped by the herdsman in the Sudan or the Chief Justice of Pakistan in like manner. As such, our nation recognizes the Ten Commandments of Musa as a sufficient and overarching vision on which our laws are based. Ten simple things. Our Criterion. Then teach your people. Teach them, what is right. Teach them Mu'amilat. And follow the example of your Rasool. Quran 26:214 Warn your near kindred first. Da'wah does no good to the West, when your own Ummah does not follow The Call. smile

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Respected Tammy Assalamalikum Wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu.

And this is the response to before your last post and response will be posted for your last post. And I must thank you for sparing your precious time to read.

52:3 Written on fine parchment, unrolled, open for everyone to read, widely published.

[Raqq = Deer skin = Parchment. Right here is the unequivocal negation of many accounts of fabricated Hadith that the Qur’an was written on bones, date-leaves, stones etc. Manshoor = Unfolded, unrolled, available to be seen and read, open to understanding, widely distributed]

Nay but it (the Quran) is indeed a message of instruction. Therefore let whoso will, keep it in remembrance that it is in papers held in great honour, exalted (in dignity), kept pure and holy, (written) by the hands of scribes, honourable, pious and just." (80:11-16)

75:17 Indeed, it is up to Us to gather it (in your heart) and the reading of it. [He will bless whatever effort we put into learning it]

75:18 Thus, when We read it, follow the reading. [Although these verses are addressed to the exalted Prophet, every believer can sense as if the Qur’an is talking to him/her]

75:19 Then, behold! It is for Us to explain it. [The Qur’an is its own best commentary. It explains itself]

"We have without doubt, sent down the message and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption.)" (15:9)

"Or do they say, 'he has forged it'? Say: "Bring then a Sura like unto it, or call (to your aid) any one you can, besides God, if you are truthful." (10:3Cool

Now let us examine dispassionately if it is possible to hold such Ahadis as genuine. We shall first describe the relevant Ahadis and then examine in the light of the Quran how far these are true. There is a book entitled "Kitab al Masahif" , written by Hafiz Abu Bakr Abdullah Ibne-Abi Daud Suleman Ibe-e-Ashat Sajistani, in which all traditions dealing with the compilation of the Quran are collected. This is used as a standard book of reference in this respect. The Ahadis quoted below are taken from this book.

That the Quran was compiled not by the Rasool himself but by Zaid Bin Sabit under instructions from Hazart Abu Bakr Siddiq:

Tradition (1) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Zaid Bin Sabit, on his own authority - When Ahl-e-Yammama were murdered in large number s Abu Bakr Siddiq (1st caliph) sent for me (Zaid). Omar was also there. Abu Bakr Siddique said that Qarees (those who learn Quran by heart) have been murdered in an enormously large number and it is feared that the Quran shall become extinct. I would advise that the Quran be compiled early. I replied that how could I do a thing which the Rasool himself did not do. But they continued insisting upon it till I agreed. Thus I began a search for the Quranic verses written on places of paper, on stones, on dried leaves of date-palm and also searched for those people who had learnt it by heart, until only one verse, which the Rasool often used to recite, was left and that was also found later.

Tradition (2) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Urwa Ibn Zubair, on his own authority, that when a large number of Q'areez were murdered, Abu Bakr Siddiq feared the loss of the Quran. He thus asked Omar and Zaud bin Sabit to sit at the door of the mosque and collect the Quranic verses from anybody who could produce two witnesses each in support their being genuine.

Tradition (3) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Abd Khair, on his own authority, that he heard Hazrat Ali saying that blessed be Abu Bakr Siddiq who assembled the Quranic verses.

The Quran was assembled by Abu Bakr Siddiq himself and Zaid Bin S'abit had only a second reading on it:

Tradition (4) Imam Ibn Abi Daood, relates from S'alam and Kharja, on his own authority, that Abu Bakr Siddiq had assembled the Quran on papers himself and had requested Zaid Bin S'abit to have a second reading on it. Zaid refused but he agreed on the insistence of Omar. The scriptures thus compiled remained with Hazart Abu Bakr Siddiq till his death, the possession being succeeded by Omar till he died, and again by Hafsa (wife of the Rasool and daughter of Omar). Osman, when he became Caliph, sent for the scriptures but Hafsa first refused to part with but later agreed on the promise that they shall be returned to her. Thus Osman returned the scriptures after he got them copied. These remained with Hafsa until Marwan, in his time, got them burnt.

The compilation of the Quran started by Hazrat Omar (not by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq) and completed by Osman (III Caliph).

Tradition (5) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Yahya bin Abdur Rahman bin Hatab that Omar (II Caliph), determined to assemble the Quran, ordered all those who kept with them the Quranic verses which were earlier collected by them from the Rasool, to produce such verses before him based on evidence of two witnesses each. Thus he gathered all those pieces of papers, stones, wooden plates and date-palm leaves on which the Quran was written. Omar left the task of compilation of the Quran incomplete when he died and it was thus taken over by Osman (III Caliph) who followed the routine of his predecessor. During this period Khazima Ibn S'abit challenged Osman that he had missed two verses and these were ultimately taken over.

Alleged Differences on the Quranic Text during the Caliphate of Osman-

Tradition (6) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Yazdi bi Moaviya, on his own authority, a story that Abu Musa Ash ari and Abdulla bin Masood read the following Quranic verse diffenently - (2:196)

Abdulla Bin Masood disagreed with the appointment of Zaid bin S'abit as the scribe of the Quran.

Tradition (7) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Ibrahim Nakhie, on his own authority that Osman ordered the destruction of all Quranic versions except his own. On this Abdullah bin Masood said, "O people! Hide the versions of the Quran that you posess because any-body who hides it, shall bring it along with him on the day of judgemnet."
Tradition (Cool Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Abdulla bin Atba that Abdulla bin Masood disagreed with the appointment of Zaid bin S'abit as the scribe of the Quran and said, "O believers! I am being kept away from the task of scribing the Quranic text and this responsibility is entrusted to a person who was not even born to his infidel father at the time of my coming into the fold of Islam.
Just imagine the type of behaviour attributed to the companions of the Rasool whom the Quran describes as (48:29) kind and affectionate towards one another.

Tradition (9) Imam Ibn Daood relates from Ibn Shahab Zahri in conjunction with Ans Ibn Malik Ansari that when Syrian and Iraqi Muslims met each other in the battle of Azarbijan and Armenia, differences arose in the respective versions of the Quranic text that the two people rehearsed and there was a danger of conflict between them. Hazifa Ibn Aliman Informed Caliph Osman that he heard that differences are likely to arise amongst the Muslims, regarding the Quranic text, like the ones present amongst the Jews and Christians regarding their own scriptures. Osman got perturbed over it and sent for the script which was written by Zaid bin S'abit under instructions from Abu Bakr Siddiq and got it copied for circulation in various parts of the country. But when Marwan became the chief of Madina, he sent for the same script from Hafsa with the intention of burning it so as to avoid differences amongst the Muslims. Hafsa refused to hand over but the task of burning was completed after the death of Hafsa.

How was the Quran compiled during the days of Caliph Osman

Tradition (10) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates, on his own authority, from Ayub who related from Abu Qalaba, that during the period of caliphate of Osman teachers of Quran differed from each other in the Quranic text, and the differences were thus carried to the pupils, so much so that Muslims began to call each other infidels on account of these differences. Osman warned them against this practice and advised them to unite on one version. Thus on very difference that arose, Osman often sent for a certain person who, he remembered, had collected the disputed verse from the Rasool directly. And on occasions, when such a person was away at some far off place, Osman noted the preceding and the following verses, leaving blank space for the disputed verse, which was filled up on his arrival. After the task was completed. Osman ordered the destruction of all other versions except the one compiled by himself.

Please keep an eye on the contradictory statements and the suspicions that are being created, one after the other, regarding the Quranic text.

Tradition (11) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Masaab Ibn Saad, on his own authority, that Osman felt concerned on the people expressing doubts on the Quranic text only after 13 years of the death of the Rasool. He thus ordered them to bring to him all that they possessed regarding the Quran. They brought pieces of papers and hides on which the Quran was written. After the lot was collected. Osman sat inside inviting men individually, each stating each stating on oath that the material produced by him was the one collected by him from the Rasool directly. After the completion of this task, he enquired as to who was the best scribe amongst them and who was the person who knew the Arabic language best? They named Zaid bin S'abit and Saeed bin 'Aas respectively. Osman, thus, ordered Saeed to dictate and Zaid to write it down. This completed version of the Quran was criculated amongst the people.
The sequence of the Quranic verses was set by Osman.

Tradition (12)Tradition (12) Imam Ibn Daood Relates from Ibn Abbas, on his own authority that he pointed out to Osman as to why did he place Sura 'Baraat' with Sura 'Anfal'. Osman replied that he thought Sura 'baraat' was a part of Sura 'Anfal', and that is why he (Ibn Abbas) did not point it out during the life time of the Rasool that it was not a part of Sura 'Anfal'.

Tradition (13) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from Abdul A'ala bin Abdulla bin Abdulla bin 'Aamir Qarshi, on his own authority, that after the script was completed Osman complemented his people by saying, "You have done well but there are some linguistic mistakes left but these the Arabs can correct themselves.

How fantastic that even after this some mistakes were left which Osman ignored.

Tradition (14) Imam Ibn Abi Daood relates from 'Akrama Tai, in his own authority, that when the script, after compilation, was brought before Osman, he noticed certain mistakes in it and remarked that if the one who dictated was from Banu Hanzil tribe and the scribe was from Banu Saqif tribe, these mistakes would not have occurred.
Tradition (15) It is related from Saeed Ibn Jabeer that there are four words which are not correct in the Quran:

1- (5:69)
2- (4:62)
3- (63:10)
4- (20:13)

Tradition (16) Urwa said that when he pointed out to Hazrat Aisha (Wife of the Rasool) about the four mistakes pointed out above, she replied, "My nephew! It is the scribes who made these mistakes."

Tradition (17) Zubair Ibn Khalid asked Aban Ibn Osman about certain verse and he replied that it had been wrongly written by te scribes.

Tradition (1Cool Khalid Ibn Ays bin Sakhra Abi Aljaham relates that he read the script compiled by Osman and pointed out to him that it differs from the scripts possessed by the people of Madina at 12 different points. In order to remove this difficulty Osman got prepared copies of his own version for distribution, but this also could not serve the purpose because as Imam Ibn Abi Daood has mentioned, on his own authority, that even the scripts which were copied for despatching to different cities were different from each other at several hundred points. Not even that, Imam Ibn Abi Daood points out that these differences were present not only during the lifetime of the Rasool but even after that and that the present script of the Quran is the one finally corrected by Hajaj Ibn Yousaf who made amendments in Osman's script at eleven places.

In short, these traditions tell us that the present version of the Quran that we possess today was neither compiled by the Rasool nor by his companions but it is the one finally amended by Hajaj Ibn Yousuf about a century after the death of the Rasool. This was the period when traditions began to be recorded. The crux of the whole matter is that the conspiracy wants to assert that the Quranic text and the Ahadis are both at par with each other, as far as their care, recording and finalisation is concerned, and if the purity and authenticty of the traditions is doubtful, the same may be said about the Quranic text. The conspiracy wants to impress that the present Quranic text is not the one dictated by the Rasool himself but, rather, it is the one finally corrected by Hajaj Ibn Yousaf.

This is only a brief extract from the book "Kitab al Masahif" written by Abu Bakr Abdullah Ibn Abi Daood of Baghdad (230-316 A.H.) who was held in great esteem by the traditionalists, the people and the Government of Baghdad. How far the traditions quoted above vary and contradict each other is apparent. That the Quran was compiled by Zaid bin S'abit under instructions from Abu Bakr siddiq (1st Caliph); that Abu Bakr Siddiq assembled himself and Zaid bin S'abit had a second look over it; that the assemblage of te Quran was started by Omar (II Caliph) and completed by Osman (III Caliph); that it was assembled during the caliphate of Osman only, by Zaid bin S'abit; that the sequence of the Quranic verses was arranged by Osman himself and so on.

All these self-contradictory traditions are attributed to the companions of the Rasool who, according to the Quran, were the most truthful people. One can well imagine the poison these traditions can inject into the minds of the readers against the Quran and how much suspicion they can raise against its purity and integrity. If such traditions are relied upon there is no difference left between the Quran and the present versions of torah and Bible which we believe are not in their original forms as revealed to Moses and Jesus Christ respectively. On the basis of these traditions, the non-Muslim ask us today to explain as to how could the Quran be called a safe and unaltered book. Thus a learrned orientalist, Arthur Jaffery has collected all such diverse and contradictory traditions regarding the compilation of the Quran in his book entitled, Material for the History of the text of the Quran. He has particularly mentioned that it may not be taken in the spirit that his book has been compiled by a non-Muslim. The authority for it, he said, is no less than the famous book "Kitab al Masahif". Thus he has tried to challenge our claim that the Quran we possess today is exactly the same that was revealed to Muhammad.

This particular conspiracy against the Quran by the non-Arabs is very unfortunate indeed but fortunately the Quran itself stands as a witness against it and is sufficient by itself to explode the myth of this conspiracy. Still more unfortunate is the fact that our Mulla and you holding these traditions as a true. When it is said that such traditions cannot form part of the basis of our 'Deen' because they were not given to Muslims by the Rasool, in the form of a safely compiled book, the reply comes from Mulla that the same is the case with the Quran, so that the Ahadis and the Quran are at par with each other as far as their safety and integrity is concerned. But, on the other hand, the verses of the Quran are so explicit, so logical and so dynamic that no argument by Mulla or anybody else can stand against it.
Now let us examine how far the Quran itself throws light on the subject.

The Quran has laid great stress on writing. The permanent records of speech can be kept only in a written form because the spoken words when uttered are lost for ever like the breath which carried them. As the divine message was to spread far and wide through time and space, and the message was not carried to individual human beings, written speech formed the nucleus for te spread of human knowledge and even by other messengers of God long before him. How much emphasis the Quran laid on writing is apparent from the fact that the very first revelation the came to Muhammad was in the following words:

"Proclaim that your sustainer is the bestower of greatness; He Who taught the use of Pen; taught man that which he knew not." (96:3-5)

Again it is said:

"We bring into evidence the pen and that which they write." (68:1)

How much importance the Quran gave to writing and how freely the writing of documents was in practice during the period of quranic revelation is apparent from the following verse;

"O you who believel when you deal with each other in transactions involving future obligations in a fixed period of time, reduce them to writing." (2:282)

It is further said in the same verse:

Disdain not to reduce in writing (you contract) for a specific period, whether it be small or big." (2:282)

It can readily be inferred from the above that when it is not allowed to leave in doubt the matters related to ordinary mutual transactions, how could the writing of the Quran, the final message for the guidance of mankind, be ignored. That is why the first revelation that came to Muhammad impressed upon him the importance of reducing the verbal message into writing.

About the non-believers the Quran says:

"Or is it that the unseen is in their hands, so that they can write it down." (68:47)

The verse points out that the unseen is not within the knowledge of non-believers otherwise they could have written it down for their own guidance or for the guidance of others, as was being done in the case of Quran.

Secondly it is far from expectation that Muhammad did not learn writing after the first revelation instructed him to do so. In fact it is clear from the verse that follows that he remained unlettered only as long as the revelation did not come to him:

"And you were not able to recite a book before this (revelation), nor were you able to transcribe one with your right hand: in that case indeed those who follow falsehood have doubted." (29:4Cool

The word "Qablihi" in this verse is significant which means "before this revelation came." Thus the Quran has put the record straight that Muhammad could read and write after the start of revelation.

Next comes the Quranic evidence that Muhammad himself used to write the revealed verses which he then dictated to others. Thus it is said:

"And they (non-believers) say (these are) the tales of the ancients which he (Muhammad) has written down and which are dictated before him morning and evening." (25:5)

Here the word "Aktatab" is significant which means "to take notes especially when a second person is dictating."
Moreover the practice of keeping written records of revelation started centuries before the Quran was revealed. To reduce the verbal divine message into writing was not a new thing to start with.

Thus the Quran says:

"Mankind was one single nation and God sent messengers with glad tiding and warnings and with them He sent the book in truth, to judge between people in matters they differed." (2:213)

"We sent our messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the book and the balance." (57:25)

"And when there came to them a messenger from God confirming what was with them, a party of the people of the book, threw away the book of God (Quran) behind their backs, as if it had been something they did not know." (2:101)

The holy Quran has used the word <Kitab 'book' for itself at so many places. Scattered written sheets of paper are never called a book. A book is a treatise written on a number of sheets which are fastened together. After 'Sura Fateha' the opening chapter, the Quranic text begins with the following verse-

"Here is the book, in it there is no ambiguity, uncertainty or psychological complex. It is a guidance to those who save themselves from the consequences of going against the Divine laws." (2:1)

At hundreds of other places the Quran has called itself a book in different contexts. The Quran is a book which is a collection of various "Sura" chapters. Thus in support of the truth contained therein, the Quran challenges the vain-glorious opponents of Muhammad who doubted the revelation of the Quran and said that he (Muhammad) composed the verses himself, in the following words:
'Or do they say, "He forged it"? Say: "Bring then a Sura like onto it." (10:3Cool

"Or they may say, "He forged it". Say, "Bring you then ten Suras forged like unto it." (11:13)

Again it is repeated:

""Say: "If the whole of mankind both civilised and uncivilised were to gather together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support." (17:8Cool

Thus the whole world is challenged to produce a book like this and it has not been able to produce one. Its beauty, standard and purity is a proof by itself that it is a book revealed by Allah and compiled by one to whom it was revealed.

The Quran is a book which was not only written but also rehearsed side by side with its gradual descent. Thus it is said:

"Recite from the book what has been revealed to you." (29:45)

"And recite (and teach) what has been revealed to thee of the book of thy Rabb: None can change His words." (18:27)
But in spite of all this, when the non-believers persisted in their opposition to the Quran, they were questioned in the following words:

"Is it not enough for them that We have sent down to thee the book which is rehearsed to them?" (29:51)

Again it is said:

"Or have you a book through which you learn?" (68:37)
It clearly indicates that Quran is a book which was written and compiled side by side with its revelation and that Muhammad and his companions used to read the book. The non-believers were asked whether they also get a revelation like this and whether they also write it down and then rehearse as is done by Muhammad and his companions. This also indicates that the verses of the book had a regular order and sequence, so they could be rehearsed by the Rasool and his followers.

The Quran was composed in the from of a book which was absolutely safe from corruption and invention:

"Furthermore I call to witness the location of the heavenly bodies and that indeed is a mighty witness if you but know that this is indeed the Quran, which benefits humanity by raising its stature without lowering its dignity, in a book well guarded which none shall touch (or be benefited) but those who are clean (in body, mind, thought and attention); a revelation from the Sustainer of the universe." (56:75-80)

The sociological laws given to mankind through the messengers of God are the reflections of the fundamental laws that govern the organization of all matter at all levels which indicates that the law-giving authority is One. The stars follow courses, exactly computed, which are controlled by laws that are immutable

So are the laws contained in the holy Quran for the guidance of mankind immutable, and if followed, produce results which never change. Thus the Quran is preserved in the form of a book which lies absolutely safe since it was revealed. But only those people can be benefited by it who have a clean and unbiased mind, free from prejudice and fixed notions.

Material used by Muhammad for writing the Quran-

The Quran points out that the book, the exactness of which is compared above with the controlled movement of the stars, was recorded by Muhammad and his companions, not on places of stones, nor on date-palm leaves, nor on pices of bones but on parchment paper.

In the verses given below five things are produced as a witness to support the truth that the way of life followed by non-believers shall bring destruction, and one of these five things is the Quran written on parchment scroll. Thus it is said:

"By the mount (of Revelation), by the book inscribed on parchment unfolded, by the much-frequented house (Kaba), by the canopy of outer space raised high, by the ocean filled with swell; Verity, the doom of thy Lord will indeed come to pass." (52:1-7)

So far we have learnt from the verses described above that the Quran was present with Muhammad in the form of a written book, in a specific order and sequence, and that is was written on a parchment scroll.

The holy Quran describes further the distinctive marks of the scribes who used to write the Quran in the presence of Muhammad. Thus it is said:

"Look! This Quran is indeed a message of instruction, therefore let whoso will keep it in remembrance that it is in papers held in great honour, exalted (in dignity), kept pure and holy, (written) by the hands of scribes, honourable, pious and just." (80:11-16)

It is abundantly clear from the above verses that the Quran was dictated, as soon as it is was revealed to Muhammad, to the scribes who were honourable, pious and just. Thus the question of any addition, alteration or invention does not arise. This process of dictation, from the original text kept by Muhammad himself, continued day and night. How could it be possible, otherwise, for a book to remain a code of life for all future generations of mankind.

Now let us recount the facts gathered so far, from the Quran itself, regarding the safety of the Quran

1. In the very first revelation to Muhammed, the importance of writing was impressed upon him, as a written document is much more authentic and beyond suspicion.

2. Muhammed remained unlettered only till the time revelation came to him.

3. After the start of revelation, Muhammed used to dictate the revealed verses to his companions immediately after they were revealed and this become a regular practice.

4. The Quran has called itself a book at scores of places and it is apparent that scattered leaves are not called a book.

5. The Quran is a collection of various chapters.

6. The copies of Quran were present with the Muslims during the lifeime of Muhammed and they used to read it by sight.

7. The material used for writing the Quran was large pieces of unfolded parchment.

8. The scribes to whom the Rasool dictated the Quranic verses were most honourable, and pious men of great integrity.

9. The Rasool and his companions used to recite the whole Quran every night which indicates that the words of the Quran had a regular sequence.

10. Men and woman learnt the Quran by heart and thus it was safety preserved in the memory of a vast number of Muslims during the lifetime of the Rasool.

11. Allah took upon Himself the assemblage, the correct recital and the explanation of the Quranic verses, by presenting a subject in various ways and different contexts.
Then comes the great proclamation: "We have, without doubt, sent down the message and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)." (15:9)

Again it is said:

"..Indeed it is a book of exalted power (whose prescribed way of life is bound to dominate). No falsehood can approach it, from before or behind it (i.e., openly or secretly). It is sent down by One full of wisdom and worthy of praise." (41:41-42)

Thus the Quranic text has been guarded eternally from corruptions, inventions and accretions, even if the whole world is bent upon destroying it.

The Quran as viewed by non-Muslim Historians-

It is an established fact that the Quran which we processes today is exactly what was revealed to the last messenger of God, Muhammed. This view is held not only by those who believe in the Quran but also by those who have scrutinised this aspect of the Quran purely from the research point of view. The famous orientalist Caroness Margaret Von Strein writes:-

"Though all the Divine scriptures were revealed by God yet the Quran is the only scripture which has not undergone even the slightest alteration and is safe in its original form."
Hortwig Horchfeld writes in his book entitled: New Researches into the Composition and Exegeses of the Quran-

"The research workers of the modern age agree on the point that the present version of the Quran is the exact copy if the original script which was written by Zaid Bin Sabit abd its text is exactly the same as was given by Muhammed".

It is stated Encyclopedia Britannica, under the heading of Quran:-

"All efforts of the European research workers to prove later additions in the Quranic text have proved absolutely futile."
Sir William Muir writes in his book titled, Life of Muhammed:-
"Otherwise all sorts of external and internal evidence in there to prove that we have exactly the same Quranic text which Muhammed gave (to his followers) and used himself."

That the Quran remained absolutely safe and unaltered, since it was revealed, is thus a proved fact admitted even by the non-Muslim research scholars.

Above-described is the direct evidence in support of the safety of the Quran, from the Quran itself and also the views of the non-Muslim research workers.

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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Respected Tammy Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu.

You see the history of mankind is a story of unsuccessful experiments, trials and tribulations. Man produces a concept, gives it a trial and after centuries of dreadful conflicts, bloodshed and wars, comes to the conclusion that the concept he had produced was wrong. Then he brings forth a fresh concept, which is generally opposite to the previous one and thus begins fresh experiments on it. That also proves unsuccessful, after passing through the same unfortunate events. The life of man, political, social and economic, has reached the present stage after passing through a series of such vicious cycles.

For your information Lord Bryce, a fervent exponent of democracy points to the following defects, based on his personal observations of the major democracies in the world-

1) The power of money to pervert administration or

2) Tendency to make politics a gainful profession.

3) Extravagance in administration.

4) The abuse of the doctrine of equality and failure to
appreciate the value of administrative skill.

5) The undue power of party organization.

6) The tendency of legislature and political officials to
play for votes in the passing of laws and in tolerating
breeches of order.

Leeky, accordingly characterized democracy as the government of the poorest, the most ignorant, the most incapable who are necessarily the most numerous. The average citizen has not the time, inclination and ability to inform himself on the affairs of the state.

The difference between an Islamic State and a secular state is that in an Islamic State, affairs are conducted within limits laid down by the Quran. Nobody has the right to transgress these limits; in other words, the right to rule belongs to Allah alone. It is said in Surah Yusuf (12:40)

(18:26) "Nor does He share His Command with any one whosoever". If the right to rule is bestowed upon any person or a group of persons, whatever be their name, that shall amount to ascribing partners with Allah. No one, how highly placed he may be, even as high as a Messenger of Allahe, has the right to make people subservient to himself. Surah Aal-e-Imran says: (3:7Cool

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali alharbi Al Madinah.
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Respected Ali bin Ali Alharbi,

I thank you again for the gift of time. It is enjoyable to read your thoughts. I will leave you with two thoughts, one from the Rope of Allah and the other, from traditional thought.

You mention Yusuf and the fact that the right to rule belongs to Allah alone. (12:40) Prophet Dhun-Nun also came to know the overshadowing power of God as shown in 11:87, did he not? And it was a fish that was sent on a little expedition to teach him about the rightful ownership of the Creator over his creation. smile

Your tradition aslo speaks of a time of the confederacy document set in place at Wadi al-Muhassab. Allah sent the smallest of his creation, the white ant, to make the same point. smile We both acknowledge, and bow, before an Ever-Living God.

My favorite reading in the Old Testament is the book of Job, when God answers Job out of the whirlwind. He says to Job:

(chapters 38-40)

Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

Who provides for the raven his food? when his young one's cry unto God, they wander for lack of meat.

Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?

Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high?

Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him?

*As far as democracy, I somewhat concur with the tongue in cheek assessment of rule by the ignorant masses. Fortunately, we have managed it quite well in the United States. smile

As far as the Ummah, there is a definite "disconnect" between taharah and tazkiyah. Isa, when speaking of the Pharisees, noted how they would clean the outside of the cup. Yet it was what was within their hearts, which was not clean. Wudu only works, if when one is washing their ankles and hands with water or engaging tayammum they also wash their consciences of evil deeds and acts with repentance. There remains a door of repentance for Christians, and as such, we see Isa to be who he said he was: "I am the Door."

Your friend and a People of the Book,

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If I come back to this topic again and again, it is only because my heart is sad for the Ummah. I was just reading on line and the comment was made that Iraq has become a "martyr factory". But we know that the ones who commit suicide bombings are not martyrs. They have not died in valiant manner against a worthy opponent. There was not even the breaking of a sweat to detonate their device. They have died indecently, in a manner which a Muslim would not even wish upon their own animal.

This is the report by Muslim on the authority of Shaddad bin Aus:

Allah has ordained kindness in everything. If killing is to be done, do it in the best manner, and when you slaughter, do it in the best manner by first sharpening the knife and putting the animal at ease.

Abu Daoud reported that once Caliph Umar saw a man dragging his sheep by the leg to be slaughtered. He told the man to lead it to its death in a decent manner.

It is a highly indecent manner for a Muslim to die by strapping on a suicide vest or driving a vehicle full of explosives into a crowded market place.

This is not the manner of a Muslim. This is bi'dah. This is forbidden. It is Haram. This sickness must be dealt with and I am not wise enough to know the correct path.

Islam will always have enemies. But the psychological enemy within the camp can be greater than the military force outside the camp.

Please, please begin to bring truth into your community regarding these things. This is not about killing an occupation force of Americans in Iraq now. This is about killing yourselves. Believe me when I tell you that every American killed in Iraq can be replaced.

But who will replace you when your blood begins to run so cheaply? Suicide bombings are no longer about a "martyrs" individual choice. This ideology has now set up shop with franchises around the world.

Tammy Swofford
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Respected Tammy Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu.

Still I remember once you said Iqtalfi fil umma rahma. But Quran disregard it. And Quran Says Ummatan Wahada. These are the consequences of disregarding Quranic immutable Law of requitals.

And US is great country if she stands up for justice become more greater.

And this is some people's age old tendency that they exhort people to make room for everyone's welfare and progress in the society, while they themselves disregard practicing what they preach.

And also those who lived before had devised such stratagems that disrupt peace with in the communities whereupon God's Law of Requital shook at the very foundations of all they had built and contrived; such that the roofs caved in upon them from above. And the doom befell them from directions they had not even perceived.

In this episode great lesson to learn for every country who disregard God's immutable Law of requital.

17:4 We had informed the Children of Israel in the Scripture, "Surely, you will work corruption on the earth twice, and show great arrogance and tyranny.”

17:5 When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants of great might (armies of Nimrod Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon) who ravaged your country as a warning fulfilled (and took you to Babylon as slaves in 586 BC).

17:6 Then, We granted you victory over them (when King Cyrus of Persia defeated the Babylonians and brought you back to your country in 520 BC). We then, helped you with wealth and children and made you numerous in soldieries.

17:7 We made it clear, “If you do collective good, you will be doing good to yourselves. And if you do evil, you will hurt yourselves. (You did not heed these warnings), and then the second warning came to pass. [The Roman General Titus invaded Jerusalem in 70 CE. His armies entered the Temple and destroyed everything they conquered completely, just as the Babylonians had done before]

And what do you say about this.

In order to create an enemy to justify their many politico-economic motives, the US elite have blown the reality of these ragtag "Jihadists" way out of proportion, given them worldwide media coverage and presented them as equal opponents. This has not only created an image among the poverty stricken masses in the ‘third-world’ of a Robin Hood like group, battling an empire, it has provided direct legitimacy when the US treats them as a foe it is on an official war with (on the mass media). The "Jihadists" and the American elite thus have a symbiotic relationship with each other, they mutually feed and grow in their perversions based on each other’s actions.

Islam is not described by what its alleged followers do or do not do; you can find them doing anything under the sun. Rat ripping her it is described by what is contained in its only authoritative text, the Quran. The agenda-driven corporate media picks on the acts that it can capitalize on while ignoring the vast majority of the rest of the acts of Muslims. That is like saying that America is defined by the acts of the rapists that rape, attempt to rape or sexually molest around 1 million women a year in this country [According to estimates, around a million women are victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault every year in the U.S. (National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice)]. . We wouldn’t use that criteria for the latter case but use lower numbers and instances to describe the former. That is the nature of subjective agenda-driven reporting. Islam had as its source from the beginning the Quran. Other items, like the hadith whose volume and content grew with every succeeding generation, is not its source, and can never be its historical source. The political/economic elite in order to justify their perversions attributed them by hook or by crook to the prophet so they could justify them to the people because religion was the most influential institution in society.

Take the present-day case of how the US media presents Muslim women. As fact, women in Western societies are oppressed, as much or more (given social indicators of rape and domestic abuse) than Muslim women (who are oppressed more by their traditions than anything Islam or the Quran teaches). The West makes a big deal (for propaganda reasons) of the "Muslim veiling of women" (even though there is no such ruling concerning that veil in the Quran) yet it is busy veiling its own women by making everything about them invisible (about their personalities) both to themselves and to others, except their physical appearance judged by male standards of attractiveness. If all that is valuable about you is your physical appearance, everything else about you is effectively veiled from social consciousness, from others and from yourself. Social psychologists describe personality development similarly: The ‘looking glass self’; you see yourself as others see you.

In order to understand the US elite's methodology of the "war on terrorism", let us move back to the 'cold-war' era: The Soviets lost 20 million in World War II, defeating Hitler, the US lost less than a fraction of that, after the war, an ally was transformed into a potential foe with which a continuous war, with no end was to be fought (note the similarity with the Jihadists in this transformation, regardless of divergent philosophies). This "Cold War" not only ensured US domination and hegemony over the globe, gearing its economy on similar war footing, the end was known in advance to these Neo-Colonials that the Soviets were in no position to outspend or outsmart them. They affectively altered the agenda of the Soviets to international militarism, rather than what they should have been concerned with at home, transforming them into a bureaucratic monstrosity of state capitalism. The Soviets thus lost the 'cold war' to capitalism at the very start. They became a tool to strengthen global capitalism with and little else.

After World War II, when the allies ganged up against the Soviets, having lost so many, their reactionary nature was to be expected. The structure that existed in most areas of the world gave a greater advantage to the former colonizers and the new hegemonic power, the US that consolidated these spoils. The US and the Soviets were unequal opponents but not as unequal as the rag tag ‘Jihadists’ are compared to the US. The "war on terrorism" is a bigger farce than the "cold war", playing out in the grand theatre of the 21st century world. Lives will be lost, personalities and 'realities of existence' distorted, and much human potential squandered, all caused by a numerically tiny power-elite following their narrow agendas backed by an ideology that considers the vast majority of humanity, disposable goods.

The 'Cold War' helped the US elite, the commanders of the capitalist world system to more effectively install a Neo-Colonial setup and combat and contain the desires of the majority world to free themselves from their domination, while benefiting immensely from the militarism that resulted, towards which the US economy was geared, and still is. World War 2 was pivotal in this form of a ’permanent war based economy’. Before that, these elite were forced to bring socialist principles into the working of their economy, which was very distasteful to them. There was no communist threat to the US; there was a threat of the US losing its hegemony (not to the Soviets but to individual countries) and its domineering economic standing if peace was allowed to prevail. Thus peace was not tolerated.

Just like the CIA played a crucial role designing propaganda to convince the Afghans of the countryside that fighting the Soviets was a sure ticket to heaven and in their interest, these elite are now using this "war on terror" farce to steal massively from their public by a paranoid atmosphere of fright. According to the 2006 US budget, the government’s discretionary spending on defense, almost $450 billion, is greater than its discretionary spending on all other programs combined. Add to this discretionary spending the non-discretionary part and you come up with a whopping $800 billion figure, according to some calculations of a line-by-line analysis of the budget.

9/11 has been highly publicized, used and abused by the US elite for their many motives, there is no threat from "political Islam" either or any external enemy. Factually 9/11 is a non-issue compared to even the murders committed in the US every year that exceed those killed in 9/11 by over 10,000. There is certainly no threat facing the US comparable to the scale of destruction it brings upon whole countries or the chokehold it has placed upon the majority world through its economic domination. Only fools would believe that a country (US) with the most massive military power in the world is "threatened" by a few people roaming around in caves brandishing ak-47s and (world war 2 vintage) RPGs, yet this farce has been sold not only to the US public but world wide as poor countries busy themselves to fight a "war on terror" on the behalf of the US while ignoring their overwhelming domestic problems. We must reject this lie, and reject it in totality.

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Ali bin Ali Alharbi,

First of all, I have found the Ummah to be for the most part, Al-Thilal. It is a world of shadows in which I attempt to walk and I measure my steps slowly as I move in your community. I have found things are not what they seem to be, have encountered intense distrust and a psychological "force field" whose armament is al-Qur'an. All my difficulties, Under the Shadow of Al-Qur'an. smile I always fondly say that your babies are born fully-armored. There is a distinctness to what it means to be a Muslim which has allowed for survival, but also for resistance to change.

Regarding our women, the full expression of our personalities is allowed as seen by the percentage of women who have either full university college degrees or even junior college education. This, in comparison to the very few young women in Pakistan, for instance, who move beyond eight years of schooling. Some of these are economically driven, but also driven by cultural restraints which view motherhood as the pinnacle of womanhood. Many American women also share such commonality, but we also maintain that God made us clever enough to multi-task on two separate stages: home and career. I am such woman and manage well with a supportive husband. My success, is his joy. A man who is not jealous of his wife's rightful success will be comfortable with the woman seeking even a small outlet beyond the home for the full expression of her personality. I would not remain in a marital state with a man who painted the windows and forbid me to go outside the walls of a home. That reduces women to concubines for the lust of the man.

Yes, the law of requittal moves from humans, to other created beings such as Harut and Marut who taught the black arts, on to nations. On that we are in complete agreement. My nation and leadership will pay for any of their mistakes in the end. Your nations, will also be weighed with equal balance.

We are in agreement that there exist political elite in all corridors of influence. Many times their names are not known publicly and they do not have name recognition.

Reagan managed to bankrupt the Soviet empire with a threat of Star Wars and they overspent on military and neglected domestic needs. The downside of this strategy is that the world ended up with a massive amount of unsecured nuclear and biological assets and unemployed scientists who sold their expertise to the highest bidder. We all know how few grams are needed to make a dirty bomb, that the Soviets had work in progress to combine smallpox and ebola to create a doomsday bio-weapon. All of this is old but frightening news. These threats undoubtedly still exist in various lab facilities.

Surely you do not discount Osama bin Ladin, et al as cave-dwellers with outdated weaponry brandishing AK-47's and knock-off armaments bought on the world market? The tools of the trade are an impeccable courier service which cannot be penetrated, satellite-linked phones and a strategem of war which is global in scale. It is plans and not the means. The means of acquisition of goods exists. But there is nothing like a good plan coming together, is there? But for me 9/11 has never been over-rated ever since I saw a woman jump to her death from a burning window. It became less over-rated when an Islamic scholar happily told me she was in hell for jumping. Crazy, isn't it? On a gut level my bottom line is my future generations. I work for the good of my generations. You can nail me in a box tomorrow. Don't threaten or touch my children.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Tammy Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu..

It is good on a gut level your bottom line is your future generations. And you work for the good of your generations.

And I think this may be good for your thought. 5:69

‘Surely, there are people who believe in Allah, without formally opting for any particular religion. There are also those who have accepted a religion and believe in Allah like Jews, Christians, Sabaeans and Muslims [by birth or through conversion, with the adoption of a Muslim name]. However, Allah does not acknowledge such groundless convictions or values, cherished by these communities. The only way to believe in Allah is through the utilization of human intellect, provided by Him, and then following His commands to produce an excellent social order, beneficial for both the present and the coming generations. Such a living also secures peaceful continuation of life in the hereafter, when its earthly part ends. Such communities shall be amply rewarded through the establishment of stable and peaceful governments, or social setups free of all types of trepidations like uncertainty, anxiety, worry and stress.’ 5:69

And also please reflect these two verses and view the outline of by means of your God give intlect about prevailing political leaders of the world.

2:204 (About delegating political Authority, remember that) there is among mankind he whose chatter on worldly affairs dazzles you, and he keeps swearing by God about what is in his heart. And he is exceedingly skillful in contending for his viewpoint. [2:8-12]

2:205 But as soon as he attains political power he goes all out spreading corruption on earth. His authority results in destruction of the produce of land and labor and the damage he does affects generations, whereas God does not love corruption and disorder.

And Taking advantage of the negative sentiments generated against Islam and Muslims post 9/11 (helped of course by the U.S. corporate media), websites and books attacking Islam and universally condemning Muslims as criminals, popped up in large numbers. The arguments used in these writings (websites and news commentaries) reflected old-time Christian evangelical propaganda against Islam, and the tactics were similar to those used by lynch mobs of old. Given their methodology and mode of attack, none of the arguments used would get a second hearing, intellectually speaking, because they lacked logical formulation (mostly unrelated connections or Ad Hominem attacks) and relied on sources, in most cases, other than the only reliable source of Islam, the Quran. If presented in a court of law, such "evidence" would be thrown out immediately as inadmissible.

The "lynch-mob" mentality of alarmism, of Islamic ideology as a global threat, that was (and is) commonly portrayed in such writings was also not justified: the number of terrorist acts committed by those who claim to be Muslims and in the "name of Islam" as a percentage of the total number of Muslims, even as a percentage of the total number of crimes committed in the world, are statistically insignificant as cause. The numbers of people harmed by such acts (of criminals) are also far less than the number that have been killed in the name of "democracy and freedom" and free markets: a look at the military adventures of the U.S. elite in the post World War 2 era should suffice as empirical evidence. Also, the FBI estimates that around 19,000 Americans are murdered every year, not by Middle Eastern terrorists but by fellow Americans. The alcohol and tobacco companies by selling highly addictive and harmful products collectively kill over 400,000 Americans a year, year in and year out; however these anti-Islam “humanitarians” do not condemn such “polite” killings by these corporations.

Contrary to what these agenda driven writings present, Islam has the strongest organized social justice component within its system, compared not only to most other religions, but to most secular systems as well. Not only does it suggest a community-style society of humankind by pointing to the natural world as guide (Quran 6:3Cool, with humanity as trustee, not owner of resources (Quran 2:284, 57:7 etc.), it encourages the distribution of the surplus of every individual (Quran 2:219) in the form of a social fund (Quran 9:60) administered by those in charge of governance. It makes the fulfillment of basic necessities of the needy a "religious" duty, without which the ritual of prayer itself is mocked, yes mocked by the Quran itself (Quran 107:1-7). Such "socialistic" emphasis on social justice, organized within a religious system is unheard of in the world of religion, which according to Marx often served as the "opium of the masses". The Quran’s emphasis on the sanctity of human life, comparing a single one to all of humanity (Quran 5:32) is also unsurpassed in world literature, and the common bond, the "human consciousness" it intends to create based upon common origin (Quran 4:1) and one creator God, who created all equally according to his nature (Quran 30:30) is equally unsurpassed as humanitarian doctrine and is demonstrated as fact during the Hajj pilgrimage. All systems have been abused and misused for political/economic motives and Islam is no exception, but condemning it as an inherently anti-human ideology is dishonest and unjust. (Often the distorted, reactionary version of Islam has been implanted from "outside" as was the case of the proxy Cold-War that the U.S. was fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan: here you had the CIA, most of whom were non-believers in Islam, promising the Afghans a sure ticket to heaven if they died fighting the Soviets, Stinger missiles were an added bonus.

Those who study Islam and its history, easily recognize that the sources used as “evidence” by these self proclaimed "humanists”, like the Hadith (sayings attributed to the prophet), collected by Bokhari (d. 870 AD) and Muslim (d. 875 AD), and other pseudo-historical collections of the life of the prophet (based on secondary sources, quoted by other secondary sources, e.g. the work of Ibn Ishaq (d.768 AD) survives only in quotations in Tabari (d. 923 AD) and Ibn Hisham (d. 834 AD) and there also, many versions of the events are given), date from around 200 years after the prophet (d. 632 AD). Those who study Islam based upon historical evidence, reason and reflection (recommended by the Quran itself), would reject these extra-Quranic sources immediately. Just because many believe in them dogmatically does not mean that the prophet said those words or that those words are what Islam is. Islam is defined by its source, which is the Quran and the Quran alone.

Ibn Khaldun, the founder of Sociology, and historiography recognized the shortcomings in the accuracy of these pseudo-historical reports regarding Islam and the prophet, and he quoted the Quran defending his position, even as he developed historiography in his Muqaddimah. That Ibn-Khaldun was a better authority on historical records than the ideologically charged “hadith collectors” is something most historians will not argue over, given the unique position he occupies in the evolution of their field. The verse Ibn-Khaldun quoted is the same that Muslims quote today when informing dogmatic traditionalists that these "extra Quranic" (from outside the Quran) reports are not always accurate (Quran 31:6): “And among humankind are those that purchase frivolous tales (Lahwal Hadith), so that they may mislead from the path of Allah (those) without knowledge, and to make them an excuse to ridicule with.”

The misuse of such ‘historical’ sourcing by these post 9/11 ‘lynch-mob mentality’ supporters forms a major chunk of their arguments against Islam, even as they use these tales as “an excuse to ridicule with”, just as stated by the Quran (above). Similar arguments have been used for hundreds of years to debunk Islam, but these authors claim to have invented them anew. Most of the rest of what they present amounts to Ad Hominem attacks against the prophet and clippings from the Quran, bits and pieces of verses clipped not only out of their context but out of their sentence as well. The clipped verses are then presented with their long (pages worth of) interpretations, associating them with groups like the Taliban (as if the Taliban were the “word made flesh”), or photographs that are supposed to elicit stereotypical responses from a fearful public.

Now, instead of wasting time trying to dupe people, spending countless hours and tons of paper doing so while over 40,000 human beings die every day due to preventable causes in the world (like starvation and disease), these self-proclaimed "humanitarians" would do better to look at the socio-economic, political and military links that produce this misery in a world system dominated by the US power elite and not the "phantoms" that they have constructed: phantoms that become fear generating marketing tools that feed the militarized political economy dominated by the U.S. power elite.

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Respected Ali bin Ali Alharbi,

Perceptions are captured in a glimpse and not necessarily based on fact. We live in an age where a mass amount of humanity will increasingly form their opinions on the glimpse seen on YouTube, photo-shopped news articles and the such. When a person lives based on a glimpse of things they are living based on what tugs on emotional response. Yet rightly diagrammed emotions are meant to compliment intellect to potentiate human action for good. As such, the glimpse I saw of a woman falling from the Tower on 9/11 evoked a tremendous response of hate. I will not engage taqiyya and tell you it is no longer there. It is merely compartmentalized into a realm of my psyche that is labeled "First do no harm". But that glimpse did propel me to seek entrance to the Islamic community of thought. I have learned much and continue to do so. But for others, their hate isn't in a compartment but resides in an undercurrent. It will join with other undercurrents to create a tremendous swell if we are attacked again. I am not in any form or fashion issuing a veiled threat. I am merely stating what I believe will be the psychological footing of some Americans in another post-attack environment that seeks out civilians. That will be a sad day for all Americans, including American Muslims.

You speak of America. Over three million Muslims live here. Most would seek to continue to live here. Even some of the worst offenders of our immigration laws and those who would bring harm to the "host" have fought deportation when the long arm of the law has caught up with them. So to those in the East, America is the evil which falls them, and to those living among us, it is the blessing which benefits their generations. But I do believe that the leadership in power in Muslim majority nations has done substantially more damage with their corruptability to your own domestic policy than our foreign policy. We cannot totally be blamed for the continual billions in aid to some of these nations over the years which never makes it to the point of need, but merely the bank accounts of the corrupt. Healthcare infrastructure, accessibility to schools, potable water sources, etc. are the responsibility of those who hold domestic policy in their hands. I note you live in al-Madinah. Some of the worst offenders of the public trust can be seen in their yachts along the Mediterranean in the summers. Ouch! The onus of the failure of modern Islamic states falls on your leadership not ours.

You speak of Al-Qur'an being a primary source document and I accept that as fact. It is the Magna Carta of your Deen.

I disagree about 5:32 as being the highest level of thought. I do love that particular ayat, which says if you kill one it is as though you have killed all humanity.

But my Christian faith raises the bar to one more level of thought for the protection of mankind. We believe that there is no greater love, than for a man to lay down his life for a friend. We believe in acts that will preserve the life of the other, as more valuable than our own.

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