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History, The Quran and Sahaba Kiraam

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Ahmed Mateen

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 12:03 pm    Post subject: History, The Quran and Sahaba Kiraam Reply with quote

Fabrications of Imams about Sahaba

ALL SAHABA KIRAAM BUT FIVE TURN HERETIC! Or, was there just one Muslim? Imam Bukhari had asserted that the Companions of the Prophet had turned apostate upon his death (Kitabul Fatan). Tabari wrote: The Messenger of Allah said, "Some of my companions will visit me at the Pool. Allah will remove them from my presence. I will say: O My Lord! These are my companions. But I will be told: You know not what deeds they wrought after you." Rolling the ball forward, Hafiz Ibn Hajr asserts, "Umro bin Sabit has said that all of them, except five, turned heretic upon the Prophet’s death." And Ayatullah Al-'Uzma Al-Hussaini shot the ball through the goal. He writes, "Those five that remained in the fold of Islam were Salman Farisi, Miqdad, Abuzar, Ammar and Hazeefa."

For detail please read: Islam: The True History and False Beliefs

What Quran Says about Sahaba:

(See how Quran refutes those fabrications, and these are only a few glimpses from Glorious Quran-e-Kareem)

8:72 Those who believed, emigrated, and strove with their possessions and lives in the Cause of Allah, as well as those who hosted them and supported them (in Madinah), are close protecting friends of one another.

8:74 Those who believed and emigrated, and strove in the Cause of Allah, and those who hosted them and supported them, are True believers. For them is protection of forgiveness and honorable provision.

8:63 Allah has brought together the hearts of the believers. If you (O Messenger) had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have produced that affection, but Allah has done it. (The Divine Ideology has attuned the believers). Surely, He is Almighty, Wise.

9:100 And the first to lead the way are the emigrants (from Makkah), their hosts who sheltered them (in Madinah), and those who followed them in goodness, Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. He has made ready for them Gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever. This is the Supreme Triumph.

9:117 Allah is Kind to the Prophet, the emigrants and those who hosted them. The support came in difficult times. That is when the hearts of some of them slightly wavered. Allah turned to them in Mercy. He is Compassionate and Kind to them.

48:18 Indeed, Allah was pleased with the believers when they pledged allegiance unto you (O Messenger) under that shady tree. For, He knew what was in their hearts, and so He sent down upon them inner peace, and rewarded them by opening the gates to a quick Victory. (48:10).

48:29 Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger. And those who are with him are stern towards the rejecters, but full of compassion towards one another. You see them bowing, adoring, as they seek Allah’s Bounty and Acceptance. Their signs (of belief) are on their faces, the effects of adoration. Such is their likeness in the Torah and their likeness in the Gospel. Like a seed that brings forth its shoot, and then strengthens it, so that it grows thick, and then stands firm on its own stem, delighting those who have sown it. Consequently, it fills the rejecters with rage at them. But unto those who may yet attain belief and do works that help others, Allah promises forgiveness and Immense Reward.

59:8 And it is for the poor refugees who have been expelled from their homelands and their property. And they seek Allah’s Bounty and Approval, and support Allah and His Messenger. It is they, they who are true to their faith.

59:9 Also those who resided in the city (Madinah) before them and attained faith. They love those who immigrated to them, and find no hesitation in their hearts in helping them. But rather give them preference over themselves, even though poverty be their own lot. And whoever is saved from greediness of the heart, such are the ones who truly prosper.

59:10 And those who come after the first immigrants, say, "Our Lord! Forgive us and our brethren who came into Faith before us, and let not be any malice in our hearts toward those who believe. Our Lord! Verily, You are Compassionate, Merciful."

57:10 And why should you not spend in the Cause of Allah when to Allah belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth? Those who spend and fight before the victory are not at the same level as the rest of you. They have a greater rank than those who spend and fight after the victory. Unto each Allah has promised good. He is Aware of what you do.
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