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Collection of verses on Science and commentaries

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Arnold Yasin Mol

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:45 pm    Post subject: Collection of verses on Science and commentaries Reply with quote

Quranic verses on Science

43:11 And He it is Who sends down water from the sky in due measure. And We revive with it a dead land, thus will you be brought forth.
[The Water cycle is very precise and balanced. The knowledge that rain doesn’t fall in a random pattern, but in due measure with the whole Water cycle is something only recent science has understood. As the Prophet was a desert inhabitant, the idea of a Water cycle or that rain fall is following a precise order, could not have been known by him. 30:48, 24:43]

43:12 And He it is Who has created all things in pairs and He it is Who has
given you all those ships and quadrupeds on which you ride.
(See 36:36)
[That all processes of nature and all products of Nature create or use opposites or pairs has been only truly understood in the 20th century. Paul Dirac was the first to understand matter had the opposite anti-matter, he got the Noble prize for it in 1933.]

24:43 Have you not seen how God drives the clouds, then gathers them, then makes them layers, and then you see the rain coming forth from them? He sends down, from the heights, hail and loads of snow to cover some ground and leave some uncovered, according to His Laws. The flashes of lightning and the brightness of the snow dazzle the Sight, all but snatching it away. (2:19-20)
[The exact order of cloud-formation has been given in this verse. Also that clouds are layered has been discovered only in the last century through aviation technology and satellites. In the Arabian desert, rain only fell a couple of dozen times a year and cloud formations are rare, thus it could not have been observed in the way at it is described in this verse.]

15:22 And We send the winds as pollinators that fertilize plants, and cause
water to come down from the height for you to drink. Who holds the stores of the Universe? You do not. (51:41)

[The knowledge that winds play a major role in fertilizing can only be understood after years of researching the subject. As a desert inhabitant, this would have been impossible for the Prophet.]

21:30 Are the unbelievers not aware (after this proclamation) that the heavens and the earth used to be one solid mass that We exploded into parting? And that out of water We made every living thing? Will they not, then, acknowledge the Truth?
[RATAQ = To merging = Attaching of elements to make them one. FATAQ = To break = Dissolve = Separate = Split. Rataq refers to one solid mass and thus describes exactly the situation of all the energy of the Universe before the BigBang. Fataq describes the situation during and after the Bigbang. Water is the main component for all living beings. All of these facts of Nature could not have been known to 6th century Arabian man. 35:1]

51:47 And it is We who have built the Universe with power, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it. (‘Samaa’ = Sky = Heaven = Allegorically the Universe. ‘Bi-Ayidin’ = With hands = With power)
[The expansion of the Universe was first theorized by the Belgian Cosmologist Georges Lemaitre and the Russian A.Friemann. In 1929 it was observed for the first time by the American Edwin Hubble. It was already present in the Quran for 1400 years, waiting for the correct scientific knowledge and technology to be confirmed to be true. 55:5, 36:38-40]

21:33 And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the
moon. They swim along, each in an orbit.

[Although this was partially observed by some advanced people in History, the Divine proof is again that the Quran contains no contradictions at all with scientific observations.]

39:5 He it is Who has created the heavens and the earth to fulfill a definite Purpose. He rolls the night over the day, and rolls the day over the night. And He has subjected the sun and the moon, each running along its course for a term appointed. Is not He the Almighty, the Ever-Absolver of Imperfections?
[YUKAWWIR=He rolls comes from the word KURAH=Ball. In 79:30 an additional point is given that the Earth is Egg-shaped. This was unknown and even impossible to know in the 6th century.]

86:11 Witness is the high atmosphere that keeps returning (its water, gases and other composition).

2:29 He it is Who has created for you whatever is on earth – all of
it. And He has applied His Design to the High Cosmos and
fashioned it in several ascending heights. He is the Supreme
Knower of what all things are destined to be. (11:7, 53:31, 57:1-2.)

['Saba' indicates seven or several. The Earth’s Atmosphere contains seven layers: The Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ozone Layer, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Ionosphere and the Exosphere. This only has been recently discovered in the last century. The Quran constanly refers to us the importance of scientific observation and testing, as the Quran guides into creating the correct understanding of Reality. Because of this constant reference to Nature as proof of God and that it exposes parts of His Will next to Revelation, the early Muslims started to investigate Nature and discovered many things, which Western Historians call the ‘Golden Age’. 3:191, 7:185, 17:36, 88:17-21]

21:31 And We have set firm mountains (as pegs) on the earth, lest it sway with them (16:15) And We have made therein broad roadways so that they might find their way.
[Mountains clench different plates of the Earth together like a peg. In this way they create more stability in the Earth’s crust and take away much energy from earthquakes. 78:6-7]

27:88 And the powerful elite that you deem firm as mountains, will float around like weightless clouds. Such is the Design of God Who disposes off all things in perfect order. Surely, He is fully Aware of what you do.
[This verse also contains a very interesting scientific fact that the Earth’s crust is in motion and not static.]

57:25 Indeed, We sent Our Messengers with the evident Truth and revealed with them the Law and the Standard of right and wrong that mankind may deal in justice. And We have bestowed on from high the iron in which there is awesome power and many benefits for people. For, God marks out those who help Him and His Messengers although the victory may initially be obscure to them. Surely, God is Strong, Almighty. [‘Meezaan’ = Balance of measure = Standard of justice. As proven by modern science, the iron is not native to earth. It has come down from higher celestial bodies, as it is formed in Nova stars.]

24:40 Or total darkness in the midst of a deep ocean, with waves upon waves and a thick cloud above - darkness upon darkness. When he holds out his hand, he can barely see it. For, whomever God deprives of light, will have no light. [Light consists of several wavelengths, in deep waters, each wavelength can only penetrate to a certain depth, in this way Light becomes lesser and lesser per layer, darkness over darkness. Deep waters also have a phenomena called ‘internal waves’, which are created to different densities in the deep water, where the layers of water have their own wave structure, waves upon waves. Captain Dr. Bernard Jarman, a renowned oceanographer, upon reading this verse, embraced Islam in 1923]

96:15 Nay, if such a person desists not, We will seize him by the forelobe (to a state of humiliation 11:56) [Al-Nasiyah=Forelock, comes from Nasa meaning: To get master over = Get hold of. The Forelobe is the part of the brain that is associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving. The Frontal lobes have been found to play a part in impulse control, judgment, language, memory, motor function, problem solving, sexual behavior, socialization and spontaneity. The ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions (or better and best), override and suppress unacceptable social responses, and determine similarities and differences between things or events. In short, it plays part in our decision to lie or not and how to control situations. This has been discovered recently with Neurological research.]

75:4 Yes indeed, We have the Power to restore his very finger tips.
[The concept of the uniqueness of the fingerprint came only in the 19th century. Even identical twins have each their own unique fingerprint as it is formed during fetal development where the individual circumstances of each foetus decides the form of the fingerprint. No two fingerprints have ever been found identical in many billions of human and automated computer comparisons.]

30:3 In the lowest lands close-by; yet it is they, who despite this defeat of theirs, shall be victorious.
[ADNA = Nearest = Closest by = Lower = Lowest. This verse talks about ‘the lowest lands’. The Persians invaded Palestine and one of the last battles was held at the Dead Sea near Jerusalem. The Dead Sea lies 418 meters below sea-level and is the lowest point on the Earth’s Crust. Byzantine Romans were defeated at the hands of the Persians in the nearby lands of Syria-Palestine-Egypt in 613-615 C.E. The war between the two super powers of the times carried on from 603 to 624 C.E. Muhammad (S) had been commissioned as Prophet in 610 C.E.]

12:54 The King said, "Bring him to me so that I may appoint him a close
adviser to me." And when he had spoken with him, the King decreed, "From today on you have a high standing with us, invested with all trust."
[Note the
Egyptian head of state of Prophet Joseph's era referred as ‘Aziz’ (Ruler or King and not as Pharaoh, the word that appears erroneously in the book of Genesis. The term Pharoah came only in use for kings after 1500BC which historians call the New Kingdom, the Prophet Joseph lived around 1700BC during the Old Kingdom. In the story of Moses the term Pharoah is used for the Egyptian ruler. Moses lived around 1400BC during the New Kingdom.]

6:98 And He it is Who initiated you from a single life cell. Then in the process of evolution He appointed stages, from one station to the next destination. (Thus goes on the journey of life here and in the Hereafter (11:6) We have explained Our Laws for people who will learn and understand.
[The theory of Evolution was already partially introduced by the Greeks. Through the Quranic injunctions, the Early Muslims researched the concepts of evolution in species. They developed the theory further on scientific evidence and were the first to claim that modern man evolved from lesser species of apes. This was a common and widely accepted fact in the Early Muslim world and taught at the every schools in the Muslim empire. In Europe it was known as the ‘Mohammedan Creation Theory’. It was explained in almost every Islamic science book which were translated into Latin and used at European Universities. Even Rumi mentions it in one of his poems and the 13th century historian Ibn-Khaldun in his Muqaddimah.
After the Muslims lost all touch with the Quranic System, they also rejected the scientific theories of their predecessors. Later on, European scientists, including Darwin, developed the theory further. Today, most Muslims are unaware of the true history of the Evolution theory and only see it as an Atheist Western theory. As the Bible does not support Evolution, it was picked up the Materialist movement as proof against the Bible and Christian beliefs.]

79:30 And after that He made the earth shoot out from the Cosmic Nebula and made it spread out egg-shaped. [Dahaha = To shoot or throw a stone or object = Ostrich Egg-shaped hole in the ground = Ostrich Egg. There were ancient people who knew that the Earth was round, but it was impossible to know the Earth was egg-shaped until recent space-exploration. 21:30, 41:11)

36:80 (The same Creator) Who produces for you fire out of the green tree, so that, behold, you kindle from it. [It is God’s Law that keeps moisture and potential heat combined in the green branches of the trees (that is, the flames are hidden within the branches) When the branch is ignited you can see this manner? Oxigen on Earth is mostly created through photosynthesis in plants, cyanobacteria and green-algae. The interesting combination of this verse is that between fire and oxygen. Oxigen was needed for complex life, but it was fire that allowed further evolution in the human species. Before, prehistoric man only ate raw food, and thus had created large jaw-muscles and intestines that halted further development of the brain and body structure. When early man learned how to use fire for its meals, the meals could be chewed and digested more easily, which allowed the brain and body structure to evolve further into modern man. 76:28, 15:29]

55:33 O Communities of the nomads and the urban! If you can break through the fences of the heavens and the earth, then, break through. Never can you break through without an Authority. Can you bring any evidence?
[‘Sultan’ = Evidence = Proof = Authority = Power 4:153, 14:11, 15:42, 17:80, 37:156, 69:29. Using TASREEF the simple understanding is this: You can only continue your evolution beyond the temporal and spatial bounds you now see, if you have primed your ‘self’ for immortality, rather than mere survival. This verse also relates to the conquest of space by Mankind]

3:191 (Such men and women of understanding keep reflecting upon how
God’s Laws operate in the Universe) Standing, sitting, and reclining, they
observe, and reflect upon God's creation of the heavens and the earth and
wonder, "Our Lord! You have not created all this without Purpose. High Above You are from creating anything in vain! Save us, then, from being negligent in attaining knowledge and thus, getting condemned to Fire.”
(When humans harness the forces of Nature and use them for the common good of all, they move away from Hell and close to Paradise in both lives 45:13-14. The Quran constanly refers to us the importance of scientific observation and testing, as the Quran guides into creating the correct understanding and relation of Reality. Because of this constant reference to Nature as proof of God, and that it exposes parts of His Will next to Revelation, the early Muslims started to investigate Nature and discovered many things, which Western Historians call the ‘Golden Age’, which later on started the Enlightment of Europe. Under the Guidance of the Quran, the Early Muslims created the ways of scientific exploration that is still used today. 7:185, 17:36, 88:17-21)

17:36 And you shall not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception) you must verify it for yourself. In the Court of your Lord, you will be held
accountable for your hearing, Sight, and the faculty of reasoning.
(And so, the insane and the disabled will have their incapacities taken into account in a court of law) [The Quran introduced the concept of testing and verifying any theory before upholding it. This created the scientific rules that are still used today.]

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