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Salamun alaikum!
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"Islamic" prayer beads?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 6:19 pm    Post subject: "Islamic" prayer beads? Reply with quote

Assalamu alaikum,

Can anyone tell me what some Muslims recite when they use prayer beads? (I'm a Muslim and I really have no idea.) Are people reciting certain surahs or du'as or phrases over and over again? I know what the Catholics, Buddhists, and Hindus use their prayer beads for, but I don't know what the Muslims are doing! (Really just curious...)

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Dr. Shabbir
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wa alaikum Assalam, my dear sister,

The Forum has become 'cold' again. People are not able to register and until that happens they cannot post - another tech issue holding us like bureaucracy. In spite of the best and most sincere manpower managing our website, we feel deprived. May be the site has been bewitched or we are!

I am still nostalgic about the old site. Anyhow, let me answer your extremely important question.

The Rosary beads were introduced into Islam by the Shiite Imam Ja'far Sadiq (Ja'far the truthful) through Judaism.

Story goes like this:

Hazrat Fatima 610-632, the exalted Prophet's daughter, wife of Hazrat Ali died young of spontaneous abortion soon after the Prophet (S).


Sr. No. Name Year of Death (AH) Lifetime (CE)
01. Ali ibn Abi-Talib 40 600-661
02. Hasan bin Ali 49 625-670
03. Husain bin of Ali 61 626-680
04. Zainul Abedin bin Husain 95 659-712
05. Muhammad Baqir bin Zain 117 676-731
06. Ja'far Sadiq bin Baqir 148 702-765
07. Musa Kazim bin Ja'far 182 746-799
08. Ali Raza bin Musa Kazim 200 765-818
09. Muhammad Jawad Taqi bin Raza 220 811-835
10. Ali Hadi Naqi bin Taqi 254 846-868
11. Hasan Askari bin Naqi 260 846-870
12. Abul Qasim Muhammad Al-Muntazar (the Awaited One) Imam-uz-Zaman (Imam of all Times) Al-Mahdi (the Supreme Guide) was questionably born in 254 or 255 AH (864 or 865 CE). He disappeared at age four or five in the Cave of Samera in Iraq (870 CE). He is in Great Occultation until the Last Days. He will reappear only when there are 313 sincere Shi'as in the world. Even the American forces have failed to find him in the Cave.

Reportedly, the 6th Imam Ja'far Sadiq learned through 'direct revelation from Allah' (as all Shi'a 'Imams' do) that:

Hazrat Fatima asked her illustrious father (S) for a slave. She was getting exhausted of doing the household chores. The Prophet (S) replied, "I am too busy distributing slaves among people who are more needy (although slavery had been abolished on day one in Islam). I tell you a TASBEEH (repetitious recitation) now. If you recite it after every Namaz and upon rising in the morning and before retiring, you will never get tired and never suffer from body aches.

Recite SUBHAN-ALLAH 33 times, AL-HAMDULILLAH 33 times and ALLAHU AKBAR 34 times on each occasion.

'Imam' Ja'far Sadiq says that the exalted Prophet grabbed a Rosary bead from a Jewish friend and gave it to his beloved daughter. She never felt tired again.

The Imam also named this recitation as TASBEEH-e-FATIMA.

Some N2Is use the rosary as 'worry beads' or to show piety. Others practice the schedule religiously. You may try and assess the merit for yourself but I know countless Muslims who recite this TASBEEH all the time and keep taking large doses of Advil and other pain relievers.

Should I say like the Mullahs? WALLAHU A'LAM (And Allah knows best.) Smile

Of course, He knows best. But the Mullah uses this term, WALLAHU A'LAM, frequently when it would be more appropriate to say, "I don't know." Hazrat Umar (r.a.) used to strictly admonish people and punish the repeat offenders for deceiving people in this manner. He used to say, "Why can't you simply admit, "I don't know'?" Smile
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salam dear sister,

This is nothing compared to what people in subcontinent do in the name of religion. Rolling Eyes “Khatam” literally meaning “Finish/Finishing” is just one example. Where group of people usually hired molvis and their battalion of students try to finish reading whole Quran as many times in one sitting in order to send sawab/ajar to the one who pays for such khatams inform of lunch or dinner or some gifts.

There are some khatams in which date seeds are used on which some surahs of Quran are read again n again for the person who has arranged such holy gathering or TRANFER that AJAR to some deceased person.
Then there is one with Almonds. Again a group of molvis or volunteering “ nothing productive to do” females who only come for this “devout cause and lunch”, sit together and finish these ten thousand or so almonds in minimum amount of time possible, reciting some Quranic surah over them while trying to keep updated with “Current Affairs “ as well and pass on as much "general knowlege" as they can, if you know what I mean. Smile

These and so many other things that make no sense at all, are part of the “religion of ancestors” and are NOT Islam. Piety has a whole different outlook in that religion. It has nothing to do with the Deen Islam Allah SWT gave Prophet SW in Quran.


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