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Headscarf Ban in Turkey--Good or Bad???

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:08 pm    Post subject: Headscarf Ban in Turkey--Good or Bad??? Reply with quote

Assalam alaikum All:

What do the forum memebers think about Turkey's headscarf ban and the possibility of easing it for college/university students? Although I rarely wear a headscarf myself because Allah does not require it, I always thought it was better not to ban it so it doesn't become some type of "forbidden fruit" phenomenon. But I may not have a clear understanding of Turkish history and the reasons behind the ban. (I think France has also banned headscarves in government schools and universities; it got a lot of publicity at the beginning, but the situation seems to have calmed down. Maybe the European forum members can enlighten me on that situation?) Any thoughts on this issue most appreciated.

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Arnold Yasin Mol

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salaam Courtney,

The Quran says there is no compulsion in the Deen. This works of course in both ways, people cannot force people in wearing it, but can also not ban it.

I believe what is more important here is education and reform of the people on the whole then fussing about these little details.

Turkey is split between Communist and Turkish Hanafi Islam ways of thinking. They both see each other as enemies. This can also been seen for example in their beliefs around 6-day creation or evolution. Believing in evolution means you are a communist, believing the head-scarf should not be banned means you are a radical Muslim.

There is no middle ground in the minds of the Turkish majority as far as I have understood. The Turkish religious institution called the Dinayet, lays down all the rule on Turkish Islam. It was created by the secular communist government to control the Islamic publications and rules in Turkey, but now it turns against them as the Dinayet says the headscarf must be uphold by Muslims.

In a sense it is the Dinayet that is the biggest problem as these do not allow a middleground of Islam to publish or get any media.

I had a discussion on alcohol banning. I told the person that in the Muslim mind, it is already intergrated that it has no place in society. Thus a ban would create no problems in their societies as it already is in many of them.

When in 1920's alcohol was banned in the USA criminals gained power and supplied the need. The American mind did not believe it should be banned nor that it was bad for society, for the individual or that it endangered their position within the Cosmic Evolution.

So the change cannot be forced from up, the government, downwards on the people, as, like you said, would make it a symbol of freedom and rebellion.

The government must focus on the right education. It must ask the question "Is the headscarf commanded in the Quran?". "What is the position for women in society?". These researches must be done and then they must discuss this with the Dinayet so the reform can be done by transforming people's concepts of what is Islam.

Then a ban is not neccesary. This is why the Quran says God will only change a people when they change what is in themselves. Change, real change, comes from the people itself, not from the rulers.

Ataturk, the communist ruler of Turkey, banned religion from government dealings and tried to make people reject religion. After 85 years, and after the Army of Turkey has made several coups to leaders they thought wrong, now a religious party is control. This shows change cannot be forced, it must be brought through knowledge.

Ottoman rule will not come back, but many Hanafi Sharia laws can find their way back into Turkey law. So the people are only changed a little bit by modern education, but Islam has not changed in their mind.

This is the real problem.
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