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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:01 am    Post subject: Nationalism Reply with quote

What Islam says about a Nationalism?
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Arnold Yasin Mol

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salaam Arif,

Nationalism is a great crime in the Quran as it means you believe your people is better then other people and that only your own people deserves your care and love.

Nationalism was the cause for WorldWar1 and WW2.

The solution to all international conflicts lies only in embracing Islam en masse because Islam is the only religion that can transcend nationalism. I see, with great dismay, that nationalism is gaining grounds even among the bearers of the Qur'an. I will hope for the day when all humanity will break this idol and unite all as the children of God. (Arnold J. Toynbey - The World and the West, 1952)

We need a religion that can transcend nationalism and make the world one Nation. (Robert Murray - The Individual and the State)

The Quran clearly says that the people who create wedges among Mankind and divide themselves in seperate groups are called without exception MUSHRIKEEN. As they uphold their own heritage to be above other people.

2:35 We told the early humans, Adam and his wife (men and women), “O Mankind! Reside in this land which is Paradise and partake the fruit thereof as you please. But do not go near this branching Tree (of Selfishness). Or, you will become of the wrongdoers.” [If you branch off into casts, sects, and rivalry, you shall replace your Paradise with Hell. 2:213, 4:65 10:19, 20:117-118. Zulm = To displace
something from its rightful place = Replace good with evil = Relegate the truth = Transgression = Oppression = Violation of human rights = Wrongdoing]
2:36 But Satan caused them both (men as well as women) to stumble therein and got them out of the happy state they were in. And so We said, “Degraded you have become with wedges of discord among yourselves! There shall be for you habitation and livelihood on earth for a while.”

[Their straying egos and selfish desires had clashed and led them into dividing among themselves for the pursuit of self-interest. Humanity fell from the height of felicity into contention and rivalry. The plentiful provision of the land that used to be open for all became a matter of private ownership and hoarding. They have since been living in a state of continuous toil, turmoil and strife]

17:70 Surely, We have conferred dignity on the children of Adam (as a birth right, regardless of where the child is born), and provided them with transport on land and sea and given them decent things of life. And We have favored the humans far above a great many of Our creation.

2:213 Mankind were one single community (but selfishness divided them). So, God sent prophets as bearers of good news and warnings. He sent down with them the scripture in absolute truth that it might judge between people wherein they differed. But again, out of mutual rivalry, they divided themselves after all evidence of the Right had come to
them! So, God shows the lighted road to those who would acknowledge the truth and thus resolve their disputes. And God guides to the straight road him who wills to be guided.

3:103 You must hold fast, all of you together, to the Bond of God and be not divided into sects. (The Bond or Rope of God is the Qur’an which is an Unbreakable Support 2:256.) Remember God’s favor upon you when you were enemies and, almost overnight, He brought mutual affection in
your hearts. Thus, you became brothers and sisters by His grace. And recall that you were on the brink of the pit of fire, and He saved you from it. (Various tribes used to attack one another, and personal enmity plagued them.) This is how effectively God has made His messages
clear for you to journey on the lighted road. [6:165, 30:31-32, Huda = Guidance = Walk the right path = Travel on a lighted road]

23:53 But they (mankind) have torn their affair of unity between them into sects, each sect rejoicing in what it has. [30:32] 23:54 Leave them alone lost in their ignorance until a time. [And the truth will ultimately prevail. 9:32, 22:17, 22:55-57]

30:32 Those who split up their religion becoming sects, each sect delighting in whatever beliefs they have. [3:104, 6:160, 23:53, 42:13. Sectarianism is invariably based on taking humans as ‘authorities’]

In verse 2:35 is the word Shajara, it means in Arabic: Dispute/Origins of a tribe or person = Bloodline =Familytree =Plant with long stem = Tree.

Thus 2:35 warns us not to approach the Shajara, the Dispute of who is of better origins as we then become Zalimeen = oppressors of one another.

I hope you can see that thus Nationalism is a great crime to humanity and the source of most wars.

Please see more in:

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